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gilion 03-15-2013 11:47 AM

Game wount start
I just finished installing the new patch and when I try to play the game my screen will flicker on and off a few times during the Cryptic loading screen and then when the loading bar gets to around 75% my PC will crash. I tried it twice so far and both times the same thing happened. I disabled auto patcher and the game is set to launch fullscreen, im about to try launching it windowed so ill post the results after.

Also im running Windows 8 so not sure if thats the problem since I never had any issues on 7.

Edit: ok so the game runs fine in windowed mode, when the game loaded and I chose my char everything was fine. I went into the option to go fullscreen, and instantly the flickering started again. The screen flashed black twice before I alt-tabbed and closed the game. When I got back to my desktop their was an error message saying the Nvidia drivers crashed. So can I do anything to fix this or is this a problem with the game?

gfreeman98 03-15-2013 01:49 PM

Since your running WinH8, I presume your Nvidia drivers are at least recent, if not up-to-date. But you should check for updated drivers.

You say it worked fine on Win7 - was that on the same hardware (the same PC)? If so I'd say this is a WinH8 issue. IOW a Microsoft problem, not an Nvidia or Cryptic problem.

gilion 03-15-2013 04:30 PM

No actually my laptop is running Windows 8 and my desktop is running 7. I just thought I would mention it since I never got any problems with the game until I tried it on Windows 8.

And yes my drivers are up to date.

Another update, the game also works fine in windowed maximized view, which looks exactly like fullscreen so I really dont know what the problem is. Fullscreen worked fine last week, and I dont think I did anything that could have affected the game.

gfreeman98 03-15-2013 04:44 PM

Um, unless you bought a high-end gaming laptop, you should not expect any decent graphics performance from most laptops. Kudos if it has a discrete GPU, otherwise you're running on craptastic integrated graphics.

gilion 03-16-2013 10:45 AM

I have a Lenovo Y500 that is running 2 NVIDIA 650M SLI, I can run the game on max graphics no problem. The only problem I get is when I try to make the game fullscreen, my screen will flicker on and off everyone 2 sec and then the game will crash after the screen turns off about 4 times. When I play the game in Windowed Maximized view (which like I said looks exactly like fullscreen and I dont know the difference) the game works fine, the moment I set it to fullscreen is when I start getting problems.

gfreeman98 03-16-2013 03:03 PM

Cool that should be pretty good for gaming then. As for your fullscreen issue, since it works for you on Win7, as it does for me, I still say it smells like a WinH8 issue.

I think I'll be sticking with Win7 for a long time - I see no upside to running WinH8's Metro interface on a desktop.

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