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bublawek 03-18-2013 06:36 PM

Hive Onslaught STF...Is there a walk thru anywhere?
I need a walk thru on the Hive Onslaught STF.

I am not finding one on wiki or in the forums.

I haven't been able to complete it on elite with any teams.

Thanks for any help.

doffingcomrade 03-18-2013 06:49 PM

Stage 1: PEW PEW PEW. Try not to piss off too many Tac Cubes at once.
Stage 2: Get close, stay close, watch the plasma balls. Try not to all die at once. PEW PEW PEW.
Stage 3: Stay at least 5km out or die instantly. PEW PEW PEW. A good Sci single-target gimper is good here. Subnuke the Queen as needed to remove nasty buffs.

Honestly, HOSE is pretty straightforward, but requires that your team not completely suck.

lostusthorn 03-18-2013 06:56 PM

Its easy,
everyone stay at distance, start on the left side, pull one cube and its cube by attacking one sphere.
Let them come to you a bit, then take them out, spheres first, cube 2nd. Repeat with all the other cube/sphere groups. Important to only aggro one such group at a time.
Ones those are out of the way. Start with the b'gers, stay at max range, and unload. Again target only one of them at a time. Shot down the big balls of plasma death. Repeat with the 2nd b'ger.
Queen moves more and hunts you down somewhat. Stay outside of 5km of her. Takes a bit of pounding.

Key is fire and target disciple. Keep your scatter, spreads, fire at will and pets under control to not over aggro the borg you don't want to engage yet.

That is all there us to it.

istvaanshogaatsu 03-18-2013 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by bublawek (Post 8653321)
I need a walk thru on the Hive Onslaught STF.

I am not finding one on wiki or in the forums.

I haven't been able to complete it on elite with any teams.

Thanks for any help.

Here's what works for me:

When match starts, everyone pulls to the right to avoid dragging borg to spawn. Everyone focuses fire, one target at a time. Everyone stays within 10km of one another for repairs, and keeps each other alive at all times - the dead can't dps.

First phase: Spheres before cubes, always. When attacking tactical cubes, focus on one shield facing. Tractor beams prevent them from rotating a damaged facing away. Stay at max weapon range (10km) to reduce incoming damage. If being fired on by more than one thing, pull range, or die quickly. If you don't make the first optional, your team may be a bit low on DPS.

Second phase: Maximum DPS on the first big ship. Ignore vanilla and tractor probes completely. Cross-healing is critical if you want to make the optional. Everyone attacks from above so you're all hitting the same shield facing. This also puts your ships in the same area for cross-healing. Keep Brace for Impact up at all times, as well as any other abilities that let you tank kinetic - this will stop you from being instapopped by that broken-ass torpedo spread. Use tractor beams or evasive maneuvers to protect yourself from the slow-moving giant plasma balls. If done right, the first ship should die before any regeneration probes appear. If there's regen probes out, and two big ships still remain intact, your team may be crappy or low in DPS. Most teams that can't kill the first big ship before regen probes start popping won't be able to finish the STF.

Same deal with the second big ship, attack from above and cross-heal anyone taking damage. By now, regeneration probes will be spawning - kill these *as soon as they appear* or they'll undo all your hard work. The moment they're down, return to max DPS on the big ship from above.

Third phase: Queen. Attack from above, at max weapon range. Under no circumstances get closer than 5km - queen has an instapop AoE. Move in and out of max range to manage your aggro. Continue keeping Brace/kinetic buffs up, as the instapop torp spread is still a threat. Queen moves side to side very rapidly, but can't move up and down quickly at all - if you fight on her level, she can chase you down and nuke you; if you attack from above, all she can do is swat at you. Keep in mind that if everyone on team dies, queen resets to full health. If you're down to two teammates alive, both should start thinking about getting out of range immediately until more teammates respawn.

Equipment that helps: Monotanium + Neutronium alloy, really badass torpedoes. Having a torp specialist on the team makes elite Hive Onslaught with all 3 optionals a breeze.

eisaakaz 03-18-2013 07:17 PM

This is the only mission in the entire STO game that I say can't realistically be done with Pugs. This needs to be done as listed by others with no mistakes.

Also, Until you get through the first group, I would really stay away from AoE Attacks of any kind. This is one where you need to control what is in-coming, not just draw everything you can.

Good luck and happy hunting.


jadz3 03-18-2013 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by bublawek (Post 8653321)
I need a walk thru on the Hive Onslaught STF.

I am not finding one on wiki or in the forums.

I haven't been able to complete it on elite with any teams.

Thanks for any help.

Stage 1: Tactical Cube x6
For this stage pull the cubes back to the USS Houston... it WILL tank them... however the spheres will still be your own problem to deal with. Easy enough just don't pull too many spheres at a time... so only 1-3 cubes tops depending how well geared your team is.

Stage 2: Command Ships x2
For this stage I recommend you do the following: Take only only 1 ship at a time... get 2 of your Team on one end of the ship and 3 on the other trying to balance DPS somewhat if you can figure that out. Be about 9.5KM from the end of the ship and you shouldn't get hit by superlazerz or energy balls. Use AoE attacks like Fire at Will, Scatter Volley, and Torpedo Spread to assure energy balls and regen probes die the moment they come out of those command ships. This method works without fail every time I've done it and nobody usually dies unless they're captaining a flying coffin such as a poorly set up Bird of Prey. Repeat for the other Command Ship. and voila... stage 3 is you.

Stage 3: The Queen's Diamond
This stage is kind of a crazy stage... she'll switch targets like you won't believe. Under no circumstances should you get within 5 KM of her or you WILL likely just die. She has an "I win button" she can use at 5KM or less. I like staying about 8-9KM away for good measure. If she's on you... RUN AWAY. Don't think you can DPS and survive at the same time... odds are you can't. You running away gives your other team mates free reign over her backside to do some damage, and she can really move it so Emergency to Engines or Evasive Maneuvers are a good idea here. She will occasionally kill someone from 8KM+ away from her... it's bullcrap. but get used to it, it happens. Do this though and you will easily conquer the queen. It may be a loooooooong fight based on your team's DPS... lowest kill time on queen for my fleet group....4 mins or so. Longest.... ehhhhhh 15 mins.

bublawek 03-18-2013 10:35 PM

all great advice and thanks. i am not up on the abbreviations. pugs and pews are?

kyeto13 03-18-2013 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by bublawek (Post 8661691)
all great advice and thanks. i am not up on the abbreviations. pugs and pews are?

P.U.Gs= Pick Up Group. Basically queuing up and fighting along side strangers. This is a gamble every single time you use the public queues and generally expected to be the worst. However, unless you have five friends online right now, that is the only way to get a group together for a 5-man.

Pew= it's an onomatopoeia for firing your weapons. "Pew Pew" is the terms used to keep firing on a target until it is totally and thoroughly destroyed.

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