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hydrodura 08-27-2012 08:50 AM

Task Force Spectre is recruiting # 1 in starbase
Task Force Spectre is recruiting.
Is your fleet is dead or Starbase progression slow going? Lacking players online? maybe you need help with your ship build or want to learn how to pve or pvp effectively. Look no further, we are the fleet for you.

At 400 members strong Task Force Spectre has a vast range of players and gamer knowledge,
and our starbase is finished

We are a casual, laid-back and fun loving fleet. All types of players welcome. We do Fleet mark activity, Romulan mark activity, STF activity and pvp. We have a little of everything.
If you want players to play with look no further, we have around 30 members on-line weekdays, 40 to 75 on weekends.

contact me in game. duramaster.@lightspeeds

Proud to be in the top 10 fleets in the game. T.F.S Congratulates all the other fleets on the top fleet list.

First fleet to finish tier 5 starbase.

Elite Hanger Pets

Here is a link to help with what you get from tier 4 and tier 3 embassy also tier 5 engineering project info

Task force spectre started a sister fleet on the kdf called The House of spectre, started Jan 6 2013, Working it way to tier 5 science now

Task Force Spectre started a second fleet on the fed side called TFS mini-me started march 2, 2013

Join us on the chat channel multi-fleet and get to know us. If you need help with missions or have any questions there's bound to be someone on that channel to help.

Task Force Spectre first fleet to finish Starbase, Industrial Fabricator , Communications Array , Transwarp Conduit, Shipyard. We are the first fleet to finish everything. Great work fleet. we are second to none may 16, 2013 may 20, 2013 may 20. 2013

asspin 08-27-2012 09:00 AM

Great fleet, rescued me from a dead fleet. Very friendly and helpful!

gutekaie 08-27-2012 09:04 AM

Tullus see's what Tullus does but Tullus needs what Tullus wants. Tullus like the Fleet yes yes yes indeed he does Tullus says the Fleet is the best yes yes yes yes, Tullus Enjoys the fleets.....I was crazy once, my parents locked me in a round room and told me to sit in the corner...CORNER!!!!! That really bugs the heck out of me ....BUGS!!!!! I hate bugs always crawling up my skin and making me crazy....CRAZY!!!!! I was crazy once!!!!!

ygyhuu 08-27-2012 09:05 AM

Organized, All projects get done in under 5 minutes, Tier 3 in progress, helped me respec and not die as much.

davidfloresii 08-27-2012 09:18 AM

I hear they are on assignment for the tier 3 Base already. They must be doing something right...

starfleetownsall 08-27-2012 09:30 AM

The fleet is very helpful, we have nice teamspeak, we help people out all the time, do everything together, and the starbase is very nice at Tier 5. you may think your fleet is nice but this is better, and we are in the top 5% in the fleets. we love getting feedback from the fleet itself which goes to command which im part of. so join us youll never eva eva regret it , it is very fun to know people that are cool and make new friends. it is the best experience youll ever have. and there some suprises that are amazing like how fast people contribute to the projects.

mistree89 08-27-2012 09:37 AM

Wonderful fleet, really friendly and can't thank them enough for making me one of the gang.

Gave me so much encouragement and help while I was levelling up even when I was unsure of what I was doing they were there to help me.

So much better than past few fleets I've been in and love the fleet teaming for missions.

arcorian 08-27-2012 04:19 PM

A truely international fleet with tons of active players and no drama queens. You got to love it.

mustafatennick 08-28-2012 04:15 AM

Task Force Spectre
Task Force Spectre

Only joined about a week ago after a short absence from the game.

Was a bit weary about joining as last couple of fleets i was with didn't talk or help but this one is in a different league everyone who can help did and if they couldn't they find someone who can brilliant fleet! second to none


arnoldhalestorm 08-28-2012 05:18 AM

Task Force Spectre
This fleet is awesome!!

So much knowledge in the fleet. Very helpful and someone is always on teamspeak to team up for STF, fleetmarks etc.

Wish I joined sooner.

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