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stevegall 03-21-2013 07:27 AM

borg boff not giving efficient trait to low power subsystems
hey all,

so as it says in the title my borg boff isnt giving me any power boost to low power level subsystems

i bought it off the zen store on my tac captain and when stationed it doesnt affect my 40/25 power levels(engines and auxiliary)

so i thougth maybe it was giving me the efficient trait power ups regardless of being stationed so i bought a saurian boff from the exchange who had efficient and tried stationing him but still the power levels remained at 40/25 - all tests taken in system space

ive sent in two tickets about this #1,504,163 and #1,509,176 but since none of them showed up on my tickets when i checked online i use dthe ask for gm help option ingame which then produced a ticket, a few ticket replies later after i said about already reporting the bug they said that since its been reported then they have to let the people who got the bug report handle it

that was over a week ago now and still nothing from my borg boff

also im not sure if its the same issue but my shield regen rate isnt showing up, no matter what shield or consoles i use

gilliganblue 05-03-2013 07:03 PM

This happens to me w/saurian & borg Boffs
In sector space I noticed that I am not always getting a boost to power in that my speed varies. I have 2 characters (1 w/2 active saurian Boffs, the ther w/one Saurian & one Borg) and they both will have varying speed - it sometimes goes down after I warp to another sector - if I exit & restart I get the speed bonus again.


EDIT: I tried to create a ticket - I got a number (but didn't write it down) and now it's not in my ticket list. Hopefully it will show up later...

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