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fedman70 03-21-2013 06:15 PM

Why is the skip button greyed out?
I have a VA and I'm trying to get the right mission's transwarp button to light up so I can use the transwarp ability, but it doesn't look like on any of them I can skip to the mission I want. Some have transwarp lit up with an I next to the greyed out skip button.

I'm told you don't actually have to do the mission to do the next one after it (under episodes) you can skip to any one you want if you are high enough rank- which my character is- he's a VA. Either replay or hail will be there, hail I guess for the ones you haven't done.

markhawkman 03-22-2013 12:30 PM

what's the name of the mission? Some of them you HAVE to do... and require you to talk to a ground char...

fedman70 03-23-2013 07:24 PM

In this case- it's Heading Out- the first of the romulan episode chain

markhawkman 03-23-2013 07:51 PM

yeah, just fly to the stupid starbase, it's one of those missions you can't skip no matter what....

It's actually pretty quick.

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