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Archived Post 01-13-2010 06:25 AM

Bug: Space to ground
I did search but I've not noticed this posted. When I beamed in to Earth space dock my ship appeared instead of my char and when I beamed in to space my char appeared instead of my ship.

This has happened a couple of times I did open a bug report about it anyone else experenced this?

Archived Post 01-13-2010 07:05 AM

Haven't been my character in space yet, but have had my ship beam down to Vega and to Earth spacedock. There was a screenie somewhere of someone with their avatar floating in space, so you're not the only one.

I'm running a 9800gx2 card with Win 7 Pro 64bit with latest drivers from nvidia's site.

Archived Post 01-13-2010 09:54 AM

I've been on today since the patch it hasn't happened the only other thought I've had is maybe it's something to do with all the people on the game yersterday and the lag but we will have to seen tonight when it gets full again.

Archived Post 01-13-2010 10:16 AM

I had the same bug happen to me, it corrected itself however after I received a hail during the mission I was working on. It happened before the patch for me as well.

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