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travelingmaster 03-21-2013 10:10 PM

Wild Speculation Thread on the Nature of Romulan Ships
So. We're getting a playable Romulan faction that appears to have at least 4 ships. Yippee.

Let's discuss the possibilities when it comes to Romulan ships. What could Cryptic do differently from Federation or KDF ships? What stats seem reasonable? It's pretty much wide open.

Have at it.

neoakiraii 03-21-2013 10:21 PM

I see Romulan ships as the disable, sabotage...pretty much what SCI should be

marshalericdavid 03-21-2013 10:28 PM

D'Deridex poor mans version of Photonic Shockwave
Mogai poor mans version of Attack Pattern Alpha
Scimitar Cascading Biogenic Pulse

mimey2 03-21-2013 10:57 PM

D'deridex: Take my 'almost-a-D'deridex' Ambasador:

Ambassador/Fleet Ambassador stats.

There's one down. :D

patrickngo 03-21-2013 11:05 PM

Let's look at their NPC performance as a basis...(AND because Cryptic needs this faction to SELL!!! so balance goes out the airlock.)

RomBop: the "Light Cruiser" of the RSE, that ship we first saw way lo many years ago in TOS of Star Trek, I suspect a turn rate in the 15 to 20 range (depending on level), with a Shield mod of .9 to 1.2, this ship's probably closer to a hybrid between the Bird of Prey (Klingon) and Federation Science ships. Likely gonna get 5 seats, with a Commander tac or Commander Eng, no universals, but an optimum setup for the escort role, with escort weapons and escort layout-and Sensor analysis, Beam target subsystems built in, at T5/Fleet version, expect to see 11 consoles.

Cosmetic 'balance' item?: No DC/DHC mounting

Based on NPC turn-rates, this ship is closer to a Battlecruiser than it is to an Escort. Figure it'll have a turn rate at the low end of 13 and a high end of 17.

11 consoles here too(3/3/5)

, with 5 seats and two of them will be Commander seating (tac and eng). Since 100% of Mogai encountered as opponents use APA, it's reasonable to presume this ship will come with that as an inherent ability. Hull will likely be in the 35K range with a Shield mod of 1 to 1.5 base.

Cosmetic 'Balance' pass? It only mounts 4 weapons up front, and it's slower than a Bugship.

D'Derex (Warbird):
Dready-dready-dreadnought stats. No DC/DHC, but GREAT seating. Commander/LTC Sci with a CDR Tac, LTC Engineer, Lt. Engineer, Ens. Universal.

11 Console slots(2/5/4), 4 Item slots, 1 Hangar slot

Turn rate sucks though-7 to 9 range. inherent special ability is that Rommy rep Plasma torp squirter.


Cosmetic Balance item: Can not mount DHC.

45000 hull, 5 forward/3 aft weapons layout, "Pulse" weapon (as seen with Donatra), Turn rate 4, Seating:

Cdr. Tac
LtC Eng.
LT Uni

12 consoles (4/4/4)

Carrier Pets (2 hangars)

Enhanced Battlecloak.

Cosmetic "balance" pass: $50 price-tag (10 Fleet modules), Character bound.

as you can no doubt see, I'm a pessimistic cuss.

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