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z3ndor99 03-24-2013 01:05 PM

Just beamed in!
So hello, this is my first time posting! Although i have been watching these forums for years (iconians ain't got nothing on me). Oh and hope this is the right place to post this if not move it please.

sollvax 03-24-2013 01:19 PM

Welcome to Hell


z3ndor99 03-24-2013 01:25 PM

Thanks Lol ! Yeah there was a " what if i say something ..." then thought screw it! Its good to be here?! :-D

marcusdkane 03-24-2013 01:27 PM

Welcome aboard :cool:

z3ndor99 03-24-2013 02:04 PM

me blah blah
Well i've been playing since F2P and have been an avid reader of these forums since 2010, have watched j2jonjermey's playthroughs before playing, now watch justgaming4us and i just thought its time i put out... i mean put myself out there

anazonda 03-24-2013 02:10 PM

Good thing you didn let the Qo'nos transporter chief handle the beaming... That could have gotten messy.

Welcome to the nut-job's den... Feel at home or I will poke you.

z3ndor99 03-24-2013 02:22 PM

what he said said
Yeah shuttle in is a good way unless the helms man has been on the bloodwine :cool:

fencer8 03-24-2013 05:54 PM

So, how do you like this parallel universe? Please enjoy your stay.

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