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nierion 03-24-2013 05:02 PM

The Mak'Tar (Galaxy Quest) Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

"We may be doing it wrong, but it's working...." since..

EST. APR 2012


Star Citizen


DayZ (MOD & Standalone), Star Trek Online & Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Mak'Tar was founded in April of 2012 by Fleet Admiral Nierion, Fleet Admiral Tu'Lok, Admiral Kilaya, Admiral James, Admiral Jewkesman and Commander Susik. The Mak'Tar goal is to create a family fun experience for all members and to celebrate the meaning of what a family is. Inspired by the movie Galaxy Quest, the Mak'Tar continue to grow each day and regardless of what challenges they face there is always one saying that rings true......



The Mak'Tar Historical Records


Originally Posted by Galactic News Article

The Mak'Tar was founded in the late 23rd century. The company was created by the last remaining members of a great Mak'Tarian civilization who originated from a distant star, not far from the Orion System. The corporation is part of the National Space Exploration Administration and offers a variety of roles. You too can have such exciting jobs as repeating the computer or looking really awesome in your uniform and corporate looking haircut TODAY!

The Mak'Tar Corporation's CEO Nierion Astaldo is looking to the future and to the stars. Some question the companies methods, but according to CEO Nierion Astaldo in a recent interview and I quote, "We may be doing it wrong, but it's working", a phrase which has stuck with the company and it's unorthodox methods. The company accepts all citizens, whether they are new or veterans within Starfleet, as long they are 18 years old (we're flexible though) or older! It has always been stated the the companies ranking structure is purely administrative and that all opinions of every employee is valued. The company's core rules are simple and yet effective (they can be viewed here).

The company likes to provide a fun and exciting experience to all their employees, as well as a sense of achievement with a variety of positions & career choices. A laid back atmosphere makes every employee feel as though they are part of an extended family. On a regular basis employees bring in family and friends into the Mak'Tar to help it grow. Many people take part in regular events for a variety of recreational programs, especially on the Steam platform. There are a variety of officer roles if your looking to work your way up through the ranks and help in the day to day running of the company.

Sign up to The Mak'Tar today. Take exploration to the next level, and don't be another Crewman #6! Never give up, never surrender!

The Mak'Tar Goal

The corporation strives on keeping a drama free & relaxed atmosphere at work for our many employees from across the globe including US, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe.

All members are required to register on The Mak'Tar website and start their 2-4 week probation as a Cadet. Mumble and regular activity is required for any member to be successful and it helps The Mak'Tar get to know you better and find the right place in the group that is tailored to your style and needs. If this is the place for you and your probation is successful then you'll start your journey as a full fledged employee after working through the Mak'Tar Trials and learning such skills as:

The Mak'Tar Stealth Haze
The Mak'Tar Chant Of Strength

The Mak'Tar is always playing a variety of recreational activities, which will include Star Citizen upon release. Feel free to join us for a game. We already have quite a few members getting together for a variety of other recreational activities on the Steam platform.

If you have any questions feel free to message me in game (@phurbu) or you can contact me through our site. To register please fill out the necessary application under Registration at

Other games we play casually include:

Left For Dead 2
Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2
Supreme Commander 1 & 2
War Thunder
Path of Exile
Ghost Recon Online
Battlefield 4

And finally.....

"As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine fleet, these fine members. Never give up... and never surrender."

nierion 05-21-2013 12:15 PM

Come join us for the Legacy of Romulus release. We're still growing and looking for mature members who want to be a part of a family/team focused environment where you can kick back and relax.

Please feel free to contact me directly or visit our website at

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Fleet Admiral - Nierion

deltatk1701 05-21-2013 03:40 PM

And if Nierion leader of all things cool is unavailable, please feel free to contact other officers, like myself and "Entek" Both Staff Captains.

As such can help you join us, and get on mumble etc, and obviously as well as administrative tasks we can look at the new content a number of us already are.

Contact me via the normal ways plus : storms_fury on steam and i have a special email address too : If all else fails please contact me there.

We love getting on the voice servers and we welcome you to take that journey with us, as a newer member here i can tell you it's a place that doesn't take itself too seriously..but at the same time avoids being just a joke. We help each other and we are growing all the time. We are expanding due to our need for fun..not our need to be popular. Come join the fun!

"who was that pointy eared B....."

If it doesn't work out you could leave...but im betting you wont want to :)

abdeal2012 05-21-2013 05:39 PM

We are a fun loving group looking for some fun loving, mature players to come join the fun!

zephelor 05-21-2013 06:08 PM

We have a great bunch of members in our fleet that are always willing to lend a hand where needed. I myself organize a weekly STF / PVE Run for all our fleet members on Saturday Nights. Come join in the fun!

Please feel free to contact me directly or visit our website at

Fleet Rear Admiral James

rjewkes 05-21-2013 06:25 PM

These Guys aare the goofies, greatest group i know.

I'm not just a member i'm the president of the Admiral group.

zensoji1 05-22-2013 07:19 AM

President of the Admirals?!? Lies!

I'm Admiral Zenso'ji and I head up recruitment, events and most other things and as a PvP Boot Camp coach, I also manage some PvP events every now and again.

I run a few regular events as well namely:
  • The Mak'tar Games - run every 6 months in June and December
  • Mak'tar PvP - every 3 months both ground and space (inter-fleet only)
  • The Mak'tar Sword Fighting Championship- every 3 months
  • The Mak'tar Martial Arts Tournament - every 3 months

In addition, we have a few foundry missions if you're interested in the fleet, search zensoji1 in the foundry to play:
  • The Mak'tar Induction - intro to the fleet and quite a few laughs to be had
  • The Mak'tar Missions: Episode I-I - a more serious mission with a continuing and in-depth storyline that allows you to meet several members of the fleet
  • The Mak'tar Missions: Episode I-II - IN DEVELOPMENT

Hope to see some of you in the fleet.

nierion 05-23-2013 12:53 PM

Yep, these guys are nuts. lol

A big welcome to our recent new recruits!

Feel free to stop by our website to have a look, we've also had a revamp on the site and looking to expand our numbers still. Don't forget you can message us in game or PM me directly.

As we use Enjin for our website, it does require having an Enjin account which you can register too from our site, just takes a few minutes! Happy gaming.

klingonsmiter79 05-24-2013 11:19 AM

This is a good group of people. It's all about having a good time. Come check it out.

deltatk1701 05-28-2013 12:35 PM

I would just lie to say on behalf of my fellow officers of the Mak'Tar that the response has been great and thanks to those who have already leaped into the fold with us,

We are still expanding but if you really want to get the best out of it..follow suit of the people that have already joined..and they have no regrets. We are so geared and pumped for legacy of romulus....come and join in while the content is new. It's really nice being part of a fleet that doesn't blindly recruit and where most people stay and even end up as friends!

Dont miss your chance!

Storm - proud Member of the Mak'Tar

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