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spork87 03-26-2013 06:19 AM

Jem Dread Carrier Build
Hello you fine people, and again you strange odd T5 connie fans and the folks wanting a galaxy buff, and last but not least those wanting to turn cruisers into escorts I have come here today seeking your advice.

I am an engineer, I decided to fly a carrier, a Jem Dread to be excat now I need to know build and load out optimizations for this beast, including hanger pets.

Rom Rep is T2, Omega is T4, working on that but when i get them capped I will of course use any gear suggested. Let me start with what I currently have at my disposable

6 Fleet Advanced Polaron Beam Arrays [Acc] [DMG]X3
6 Fleet Advanced Anti Proton Beam Arrays [Acc] [DMG]X3
3 Fleet Advanced Polaron DHC [Acc] [DMG]X3
2 Fleet Advanced Polaron Turrets [Acc] [DMG]X3
2 Fleet Advanced Qutum Torpedo Launchers [Acc] [DMG]X3
Wide Angel Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Kinetic Cutting Beam
Transphasic Cluster Torpedo
Bio Nureal Warhead
Temporal Disruption Device
Advanced Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [Grav] [Ins] [ENG] [HullR]
Advanced Fleet Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd]x3 [Turn]
Advanced Fleet Covariant Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x3 [ResB]
Jem'Hadar MK XII Space Set
Univerisal Assimilated Console
Tachyokinetic Converter
[Console - Universal - Theta Radiation Vents]
[Console - Universal - Subspace Jumper]
[Console - Universal - Resonance Cascade Modulator]
[Console - Universal - Isometric Charge]
[Console - Universal - Grappler]
[Console - Universal - Enhanced Plasma Manifold]
[Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X [ShH] [+Th]]
[Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X [ShH] [+Th]]
Neutronium Ally MK XII Blue x6
Abalative Arrmor MK XII Blue x4
Eletrocermaic Hull Plating MK XII Blue x3
Polaron Phase Modulator MK XII Blue x3
Antiproton Mag Regulator MK XII Blue x2
Zero Point Quantum Chamber MK XII Blue
Ambiplasma Envelope MK XII Purple

This is what I have to work with. I also have a tac doff with Beam Fire at will 3 and one with Cannon Scatter Volley 3. Now I have 2 advanced perigrine fighters and another 43k in dilitium, and no I dont have a JHAS.

squishkin 03-26-2013 10:44 AM

We did just have a thread on this, but given what you have there...

I'd go with three forward Polaron DHCs, two aft turrets, a kinetic cutting beam aft, and possibly a wide angle quantum forward.

The Jem'hadar space set, polaron tactical consoles, Assimilated, Tachyokinetic, Zero Point, and as many RCSes as you can buy on the exchange.

As for hangars, I'd just go with the Peregrines; the elite scorpions are the best but you aren't there yet.

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