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talzerotwo 03-26-2013 11:57 AM

3 somewhat related questions
ship 1- I'm interested in creating a heal boat that also functions as a dps negator
Ship 2- I'm interested in creating a heal boat who's primary dps is an aux based ability or more likely, fbp.
Ship 3- how would u make an excelsior heal boat effective. Me likes turn rate

What ships would u reccomend and how to trick out? I'm looking st vesta, odds, recluse, and amby (other if You can think of it).

Please n mahalo :)

nuclearwessle 03-26-2013 12:05 PM

Well the Recluse and to a lesser extent the Vesta have the ability to do damage with their pets, so you can run full aux and still do some damage, though not a whole lot. The Atrox falls in this category too.

The Excelsior would not be as good for your goals as the Amby because its Lt. Com is tactical. The Amby you can run FBP or GW1 and still have 2 science heal skills. Aux build in an excelsior just doesnt make a whole lot of sense compared to other options.

With the Atrox or the Recluse you can run a wealth of heal skills in either the engineer or science categories and still have room for a CC/damage science ability. The Vesta allows for this too because you can slot the Universal Lt.Com as an engineer and run aux2sif2 or TSS and still have the Com science slot.

The Vesta has the turn rate you want, and also a hangar of pets that you can use for either damage or healing depending on what pet you choose. Also it has subsystem targeting if you run beams, and if you use the Vesta consoles you can either up your damage or add an additional heal.

Hope this helps.

edalgo 03-26-2013 12:13 PM

I would say the vesta is the best choice. I've made support + dps boats before. I'll hit you up in the Alliance TS.


chakitty 03-26-2013 12:36 PM

The Vesta would honestly be the best one to use. With the right setup you can hit over 4K dps with the Vesta's deflector phaser ability. Then there's the dual cannons that run on aux power, those are nice and don't drain enough aux to make too much of a difference in other aux abilities/heals. Toss an eng captain into the Vesta and you have one nasty boat, as NI and that one other eng ship ability (adds to all power levels, can't remember the name of it) makes for a nasty combo when using aux cannons and firing the deflector beam, dropping from 125 aux to maybe 115 aux power. Yea, it's a drop, but one that won't make much of a difference and will let you enjoy watching your target melt under the assault. Then there's the graviton field + FBP combo that, with a good setup, will let you reflect almost all incoming damage back at your attackers. I've gotten the graviton field reflect up to 1.2 incoming damage, meaning I'm reflecting back more than I'm taking. Then the perfect shield ability gives you a nice "get the f**k out of here" option when paired with evasive manuvers. All in all, Vesta very good ship for any captain.

talzerotwo 03-26-2013 12:50 PM

Interesting ill have to try out the cesta then. Any reccomendation as to which version? I was thinking either the engi or sci (sci with embassy emitter consoles maybe

edalgo 03-26-2013 01:50 PM

If you have the 3 pack then I'd try them all out... Tac for more aux cannon dps, science or engineer for more sci ganking or support. Depends on the team you run with.

chakitty 03-26-2013 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by edalgo (Post 8825851)
If you have the 3 pack then I'd try them all out... Tac for more aux cannon dps, science or engineer for more sci ganking or support. Depends on the team you run with.

Agreed. The Vesta version you run will depend on what you want out of it, though the sci or tac versions would be best for having a support boat that can pump out DPS as well.

talzerotwo 03-27-2013 02:04 PM

Alright so i went with the engi vesta setup, keep in mind lately ive just been grinding, pugging, and foundry as opposed to a specific team build

BO layout:

Lt Comm Uni: EPtS1, AtS1, EPtS3
Ensign Uni: HE1
Lt Tac: TT1, CRF1
Lt Eng: Et1, RSP1
Cmd Sci: ST1, HE2, TSS3, FBP3

usually flying full aux

Consoles and Equipment:
Fore Weapons: Aux DHCx3
Def: Borg
Imp: Borg
Shields: Borg
After Weapons: Phased Tet Beam Array, Tholian Torp, Cloaked Tractor Mines

Devices: RMC, SS Field Mod

Engi Consoles: sif genx2, neutronium
Sci Consoles: Embassy Emitter Array + shields, Emitter array, Field genx2
Tac Consoles: all 3 vesta consoles
Hanger: danoobs/shield drones/romulan fighters (switch)

Im currently looking at the fleet shields to buy, suggestions?

also whats that link to be able to input and show my skill points layout?

thankyou for any suggestion or critique

renimalt 03-27-2013 04:56 PM is the skill planner where you lay out a planned build.

I'm not sure that I'd recommend the current sci layout that you have. Generally, I'd suggest using either a doff'ed ST3 or 2xTSS for a healboat; you really want to be able to keep shields up as much as possible. To be honest, HE isn't as useful as TSS in most cases, unless you absolutely need to clear some DoT effects.

I see you've loaded all three team abilities on there, but all of them are rank 1. Do you plan to throw around TT cycles everywhere, or instead rely on ET/ST as the backbone of your heal cycles? If the former, then ditch ET1, downgrade EPtS3 to another copy of EPtS1, and load AtSIF2; this will help you cover for the loss of the second HE when you swap HE1 or HE2 out for another TSS. If the latter, then you should think about upgrading ET/ST to the level 3 versions and getting doffs; the level 3 burst heals are impressive. Keeping all three team abilities usually results in one or two of them almost never being used.

3-piece Borg is usually pretty fragile, with low cap and no inherent all-energy resists, although the high shield mod of the Vesta might help to offset that. I see you're looking at fleet shields; they should help you make the most out of the high shield capacity that the Vesta offers, although I don't have any particular suggestions for you. (Plus, fleet shields may allow you to be more comfortable without an EPtS3.)

You've only listed 2 devices on there. The Vesta might not need it as much the fat Oddy does, but an engine battery always helps when you want to gun it out of there (or chase down some silly pugger).

chakitty 03-30-2013 01:24 PM

Ok, there's a bit of room for improvement in your consoles. First off, ditch the eng consoles you have. All of them, now. Toss the Vesta consoles into the eng slots and put phaser consoles in the tac slots. The sci slots are better used with either particle generators or graviton generators, which ever it is that bumps the deflector phaser beam and graviton field. That'll let you do one heck of a lot more damage and thus not need all those heals so you can transfer some to offence sci abilities like TR or GW.

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