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bauer6 03-26-2013 12:41 PM

Quick Question
hi all,

building a cannon boat to unleash some serious damage on enemies hopefully.

was wondering what would be the perfect setup for the mobious ship to do just that please?

this is the setup I was thinking about using below:

Fore Weapon Slots:
1x Quad Cannons - Very rare
3x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons - Very rare Mk XII

Aft Weapon Slots:
3x Phaser Turrets - Very Rare Mk XII

Engineering Consoles:
2x Neutronium Alloy - Very rare Mk XII

Science Consoles:
1x Universal Assimilated Console
3x Field Generators - very rare Mk XII

Tactical Consoles:
2x Prefire Chamber - Very Rare Mk XII
2x Phaser Relay - Very Rare Mk XII

Stations setup:

Lieutenant Commander Universal Station:
Tactical Team I
Cannon Scatter Volley I
Cannon Rapid Fire II

Lieutenant Universal Station:
Polarize Hull I
Hazzard Emitters II

Commander Tactical Station:
Tactical Team I
Cannon Scatter Volley I
Cannon Rapid Fire II
Attack Pattern Delta III

Lieutenant Tactical Station:
Not sure what to put here yet but I have 2 slots.

Ensign Engineering Station:
Emergency Power To Shields I

my question is this:

I have the Quad Cannons already, would I need the Prefire Chamber & Phaser Relay?

I take it these consoles stack so their combined powers would double the output?
I/e I have 4 tactical console slots, so: 2x Prefire Chambers & 2x Phaser Relays Very Rare Mk XII

or would you guys recommend different cannons to inflict the maximum damage?

thank you guys so much for your input.

glados122 03-26-2013 12:46 PM

two Phaser Relays would be good.
and try to use hybrids that has Phaser as damage type.
That would bring maximum yield.

sirokk 03-26-2013 12:51 PM

Don't bother with Torpedo/Mine Tactical consoles unless your building a Torp boat. Just go with the Tactical consoles for your specific energy weapon type, in your case Phaser Relays.

Yes they stack, with diminishing returns, but they do stack. This is standard practice.

Dual Heavy Cannons (DHCs) do more damage in general.

Here's a possible build:

This is from the "Sticky: The new PVP help and ship build thread" under the "PvP Gameplay" area.

Hope this helps.

z3ndor99 03-26-2013 12:53 PM

Right the quads are ok just not great ( awesome sound tho ) just stick to dual heavys, only use the relays the prefire chambers are worthless, use STOwiki and search these forums the helped me no end over a year ago.

glados122 03-26-2013 12:57 PM

Nearly forgot.
get your Tactical Bridge Officers to get some high ranking cannon attacks.
you can chose from rapid-fire
Or Scatter-shot ( i prefer this but your choice)

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