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Archived Post 01-13-2010 11:05 AM

Tester Log: Stardate 01.13.2010
First attempt with File Planet: Started DL at 8pm central time, said 8.5 hours. By 7am 01.13.2010 still showing 6.5 hours....canceled file planet download.....FAIL

Download Installer from STO main website.....PASS

Began download using Installer 7am 01.13.2010: Started download and went to work, got home around 6:30pm with game download complete......PASS

Install Client.......PASS

Initial Loadscreen: Alerted that I was not using newest video driver.....PASS
Choose "Play with Lower Settings" DID NOT CHECK REMEMBER SELECTION. Prompted to log in......PASS
Log in to patcher.....PASS
Patching: about 15 minutes......PASS
Game loads Cryptic and Atari splash screens.....PASS
Character Creation Screen loads.....PASS

Choose Faction Screen: Federation.....PASS
Choose Race: Trill Male.......PASS
Character Customization: Face......PASS
Character Customization: Body and Other. Screen only displayed a "01" button.....FAIL
Overall Character Customazation......PASS WITH ISSUES

Ground Movement.....PASS WITH NOTE (Steering with the Right button will take getting used to)
Using Doors and Consoles......PASS
Space Movement......PASS
Space Combat......PASS WITH NOTE (Using AWSD to steer and 123... for weapons is a challenge to fire while in a dive)
Ground Combat......PASS
Beaming down to Vega. When I appeared I was still my ship, not my character, for 30 seconds or so ....PASS WITH ISSUE
Picking up the Rifle: I think there were a lot of people trying to do it at the same time and that was causing problems. Many were chatting that some people were keeping the chest open, but cause can't be confirmed. Finally able after 5 minutes or so.....PASS WITH ISSUES
Fighting the Borg......PASS

Meet with Admiral....PASS
Explore base....PASS
Starbase Merchants.....PASS
Rescue Mission.....PASS
Sector Space back to Sol Starbase....PASS

That's as far as I got....more to come...I've upgraded my vid driver so I'm gonna try higher settings now...

LT. Kwip out!

Archived Post 01-14-2010 06:50 AM

Wasn't able to play last night, but I did test the patcher........PASS
The server status lightbulb seems to work too......PASS

One oddity was initial login when the server is down for maintenance. I noticed when it fails login it shows a message at the bottom telling you there is a problem with your account, please contact billing support (link). Clicking the link sends you to a webpage error message.

Now I figure this is because you guys know about the message and link and are shutting down billing support while doing maintenance, and it's no big deal. It's just a bit odd to see the message "problem with account". Maybe that could be updated with a message saying "unable to connect" or something. It already has "down for maintenance" above so no need to repeat that.

Otherwise, I'll continue to test what I can, when I can. Having fun and can't wait for retail release and my joined Trill.

Kwip: As you were.

Archived Post 01-15-2010 07:20 AM

First part of Patrol Vulcan Sector completed.....PASS WITH COMMENTS

While logging into the first sector, I got a message "Team Full" after about 45 seconds it loaded the sector and myself and a few others were quickly engaging Orions. This was a tough fight but very exciting. It is certainly not one you can win by charging forward guns ablaze.

I played the role of science ship by flying through the melee taking pot shots and hitting the primary target with my neutralize shields BO abillity. That one is nice. We were up against some bigger ships, and dropping those shields for a few seconds let my fleets torpedoes do what they were designed to. Damage taken running the gauntlet was severe, shields to 5-10% or less. Durring circle back, used other BO abillity of emergency power to shields. Tactic worked well.


When starbase loaded, I was a miranda in the station for about 45 seconds or so. Previously reported.

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