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iskandus 03-27-2013 08:10 PM

Please critique this "bug killer" science vessel build
Link to Skill Planner Profile on this build:

Power Settings:
W: 25 => 40
S: 25 => 50
E: 85 => 100
A: 65 => 102

Deflector: Adapted MACO
Shields: Adapted MACO
Impulse Engine: Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines

Prototyple Ablative Jevonite Hardpoints X 20
Shield Battery X 20
Subspace Field Modulator

Fore Weapon Slots:
Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH] [Dmgx2] (Very Rare)
Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo Launcher
Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH] [Dmgx2] (Very Rare)

Aft Weapon Slots:
Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH] [Dmgx2] (Very Rare)
Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH] [Dmgx2] (Very Rare)
Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH] [Dmgx2] (Very Rare)

Elite Scorpion (Ultra Rare)


Offensive data & analysis

- Transphasic Torpedo base damage : 4700; recharge time = 10 seconds
- Torpedo damage stated above can be modified by : Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Alpha 3, Tactical Fleet 2, Torpedo High Yield 1 / Torpedo Spread 2
- Transphasic Torpedo damage : 10% bleedthrough + 40% Shield Penetration (0.40 X 90%) = 46% of applied damage will impact the hull
- Transphasic Cluster Torpedo base damage : 3000 per mine X 10 = 30000
, recharge time = 45 seconds
- Quantum Field Focus Laser that relies on Aux as opposed to Weapon power, 2890 damage per second for 12 second when Aux = 125, easily delivering well over 30000 in damage

* Cluster Torpedo can be substituted by another Mk XII purple Transphasic Torpedo if it is deemed that the target is too hard to hit

Justification : In PvP, the bug ship can speed tank a huge amount of energy weapon damage, making dropping their shields extremely difficult and most attempts, futile. Therefore, the logical course of action is to ignore their shields completely and to ensure each shot count such that direct hull damage is severe enough that they are unable to recover fast enough. Based on actual combat observations, the bug ship can repair shields very quickly, but hull damage, much less so. To this end, there is no better weapon than Transphasic, provided the latter is powerful enough. If the damage is too weak, the bug ship will duck away and repair its damage. 6 very powerful Transphasic Torpedos with combined base damage reaching almost 30000 before any modification by skills or attack patterns that can be deliever in less than 10 seconds will surely scare the hell out of any bug ships because those torpedos will hit, provided that your captain has speced properly in accuracy - just ask those super fast Tholian and NPC fighters - no matter how fast and elusive they are, they can't escape these torpedo. After applying the skills such as Tactical Team, AP3, Fire on My Mark, Torpedo Spread and etc., you can easily take out half of the bug ship's hull in a single exchange even without any criticals since those charges can all be delievered within 10 seconds.

Maneuverability data & analysis

- Normal speed when Engine Power = 100 => 38.3 and Turn Rate = 25.2
- Aegis Hyper is not the fastest engine but provided an additional 5% Defensive Bonus
- Speed when Engine Power = 125 for 20.3 seconds when Energy Siphon is in effect = 43 and Turn Rate = 29

Justification : Bug Ship typically uses Energy based weapons and rely on "Damage Burst" to quickly overwhelm their target. The best defense against such alpha strike is speed given that they rely heavily on short duration damage burst. Once their tactical skills go into cooldown, their damage potential drops significantly, it is then the time to counter-attack them. But to do so, you have to survive their initial attack and be able to attack them once they start dodging. Their inherent Impulse Modifier stands at 0.22, which is greater than most cruises and non-escorts at 0.15 However, they also invest more heavily in their weapon power to ensure it is as close to 125 as possible, which means their engine power is not going to be close to 100 or 125 but more likely in the 70-90 range. Still, they will likely win in terms of maneuverability but at least you have a chance to catch them and neutralize their speed superiority. It is possible to achieve higher speed and turn rate than stated above, say with Elite engines but since I don't have access to that yet, feel free to modify the data above upward should you have access to a better set of engines than I do.

Science, Defense data & analysis

- Scramble Sensors for 10 seconds, jam their sensors / stop their attacks + side effect of screwing their power recharge time by 50% for 10 seconds using Seggis very rare doff - can be very effective when they are recharging their power timers and all of sudden everything is 50% longer
- Feedback Pulse, when Aux is between 100-125 and invested into Particle Generators, the bug ship will take a huge amount of hull damage from their own weapons fires - the harder they hit, the more damage they do, greatly assisting the Transphasics in blowing up the ship
- Polarize Hull for 15 seconds, at the stated Aux Power level, the damage resistance is increased by a staggering 60%+ and immune to Tractor Beams. Cool down on this skill is significantly faster than comparable skills such as Reverse Shield Polarity
- Energy Siphon for 20 seconds and energy drain of 27.3 in all 4 subsystems + nasty side effect of immediately disabling one of their subsystems at a 25% cance, including shields, for 5 seconds thanks to Juel Ducane, very rare doff
- Viral Matrix for 10 seconds, will shut down its susbystems one by one for the duration, with a 25% chance of remerging for another shock after 15 seconds thanks to very rare System Engineer doff
- Theta Radiation Vents : Self-explanatory bug spread that it can accidentally ram into at ultra high-speed when it gets too close to you

Justification : All of the above Science Skills are specifically designed "bug repellant". Each of them can hinder, defend and impede the bug ship's attack. When hit with Scramble Sensors, the bug ship can't see and may even end up firing at friendly target if it's set on autofire. Sure, it can be countered with Science Team but Science Team interferes with Tactical Team and Engineering Team Cooldown, both of which are critical to the bug ship. Should it choose to counter SS, its ability to attack or heal hull damage will be hindered. Not to mention, Seggis already made sure those Cooldown will take extra long to come about by 50% of the time. The bug ship's attack comes in waves as they usually wait till all their tactical skills can be lined up, including the attack patterns, then they come in and do a huge shock & awe. Feedback Pulse + Polarize Hull + damage resistance buff from Brace for Impact (given by a very rare doff) + Evasive Manueuvers are designed to survive the short duration of this alpha strike. Being less maneuverable, it is unwise to counter-attack the bug ship during this phase but rather the focus should be on surviving this wave. Feedback Pulse will ensure any damage the bug ship delivered to your shield is returned to it but to its hull, essentially making the bug pays for attacking you during this time. Energy Siphon is used to lower its weapon power, making its attacks sub-optimal given that its 7 slot weapons already draws a huge amount of weapon power. Likely a user of Hyper-Impulse engine, ES will also lower its power output to engine anywhere from 15 to 27, depending on the power insulation it has. The loss in power to the engine while making your own engine power stand at 125 will significantly cut down its speed advantage. Viral Matrix allows you to begin your counter-attack as at one point, its engine will go offline and the bug will be dead in the water for a short duration. Use those few seconds and your speed to catch up and apply the Theta Radiation Vents "bug spread", then it will be stuck like being hit with Warp Plasma except it cannot counter-attack you as its perception is off as well, then hit it with everything you got, including the very powerful Quantum Field Focus Phaser.

Last but not least - use the 6 Elite Scorpion fighters, their Plasma based attacks and subsequent plasma fire burns will greatly complement the Transphasic Torps's focus on hull damage. Once the bug ship is slowed by either ES or Viral Matrix or Theat Vents, the Elite Scorpion can easily surround the bug ship and they can deliver a serious amount of damage with those heavy plasma torp. To be even safer, make sure to use on Ablative Jevonite Hardpoint as they increase hull strength by +100 for 15 minutes and use the Shield Battery when the healing powers go into cooldown, if necessary.

On a one-to-one pvp, I am confident this build can challenge any bug ship or any other escorts for that matter. However, a pvp is rarely fought as a one-to-one match. Know how to cooperate and fight as a fleet is far more important than any skills or builds, which is something that I unfortunately have little experience in. Prior to STO, pvp in older games do not emphasize on this fleet element, which made me a one-to-one specialist, as opposed to think and act like a fleet. Therefore, this post assumes there is no other player around but you and the bug ship, which cannot be applied in most public pvp. In this sense, take the above with a grain of salt if the bug ship is in a highly coordinated fleet and have teammates who can rescue the bug and swamp you 6 against 1 in a matter of seconds. I still need to get used to the idea of this ganging up on one person which seems quite dishonorable and unfair, but maybe that's why I am new to STO.

iskandus 03-27-2013 08:11 PM

Please feel free to critique, comment and share your feedback or even add your own revisions / suggestions.

darkfader1988 03-27-2013 08:53 PM

Speed tanking is a myth.

Overall a ship benefits more from higher shield settings then engines.

Bonus defense is the only thing you have to worry about, after a specific speed, and on a bug with a proper skill tree spec (Even using combat engines like the borg) your bonus defense is maxed.

And if you're properly hold, your hold, no matter if you run 100 or 50 in engines.

So speed tanking EptE escorts die faster then the ones with EptS.

Sure there are some smaller factors which gives you a 'slight' benefit running higher engine speed, which for instance is keeping out of ones arc more, etc.

So far every 'speed tank' escort ive seen pops faster then a slow one with higher shield resistance, and if they dont they probably just keep running. haha

Just my observation.

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