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Archived Post 01-13-2010 01:40 PM

can i run it - will it be sluggish
hey guys i was just wondering if you can tell me if i can run the game as i am still in the process of downloadin the game.

i have a p4- 3ghz
1gb ram
512mb nvidia 8600gs

i hope i can as i really wanna play the game

please reply asap

thx guys

Archived Post 01-13-2010 01:51 PM

It will run like a slide show I am afraid.

When ever manufacturers put min specs on games it mean minimum to get the thing on the screen. I always look at the preferred specs as the minimum tbh but that's just what I do.

its the 1GB that worries me. If you are using XP then that would be a little better but you are still going to be using the page file continuous and that will cause major stutters.

I would grab a open beta key from one of the sites going around on the forums like Tentonhammer and grab the client and try it. Worse that can happen is you will have used 8gb to download the client and you will have wasted some time.

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minimum requirements dont allways hold up to what is printed as proven by menier games, tbh it ses u cannot play with a mobile graphics card in an laptop yet people still are, n im using xp

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Star Trek Online is an option in the drop down list.

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ive used thhis and the only thing it fais on is cpu because its nt a dual core it has enugh power but only fail is not having dual coree, wot wud u say about this, i have heard people are u single core systems with no problems please advise

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Originally Posted by Shavlik (Post 1405253)

Star Trek Online is an option in the drop down list.

400 Bad request. Try again. 5 times in a row.

Where the hell are the damned requirements PRINTED?!

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