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lsloan31 03-29-2013 03:50 PM

Negh'Var weapons drain - do what?
Recently ventured into the world of KDF (which I now love more than my fed collection of ships) purely based on playing with a Negh'Var. Leaving the merits of other ships aside as I know someone may suggest swapping to another, I have noticed some oddities with my power drain on my ship.

- Loadout: 3x DHC and 1 DBB fore, 4 turret rear
- Weapons power is always set to 100 (50/25/25 being the other numbers)
- 9 points in Warp Core potential, 3 points EPS (think that covers it for key skills)

As a Klingon Engineer I have access to Nadion Inv/EPS transfer and currently have 1 copy of EPtW.

So, in battle I've noticed at those times all of my power boosting abilities are on cooldown, my power drain is so much my damage numbers border on pathetic. Curiously, as soon as I deactivate one rear turret, somehow my power drain becomes a lot less and damage numbers stay higher (still of course dipping due to energy being reserved for weapons firing).

I knew it would be ambitious to set a cruiser up to try and deal escort like damage, but since I have one RCS console equipped and some skill points in thrusters my turn rate is actually decent enough to attempt this but the power drain makes the build useless. So, my questions are:

1) Is there some issue with 4 turrets vs 3 with respect to power drain I am unaware of, ie does it alter the firing cycles to coincide with one another with 4 turrets but not 3?
2) Anyone else have these issues with a similar/copy of this setup?
3) Should I cycle 2 copies constantly of EPtW and just accept the downtime between abilities or is there another way to keep power up I'm not thinking of?
4) Should I just make a completely different gear setup with beams or whatever and stick this all on my currently unloved Qin Raptor? I know the huge damage potential is there I'm just not currently doing it justice.

Looking forward to some replies! :)

reginamala78 03-29-2013 04:03 PM

Either using an Aux2Bat build, or using Damage Control Officers and cycling EPTW1 and EPTS1 both, can give you always-on extra energy and still leave your higher-level boff powers available and not having to carry 2 copies of your Emergency powers. Also there is the Vandal Destroyer with the Plasmonic Leech console for purchase, which gives you a huge energy boost to all systems and is by far the best pay console in the game and comes with one of the cheapest ships.

mandoknight89 03-29-2013 07:09 PM

Is this a Fleet Negh'var? Otherwise, you have a lot of Engineering slots, and 4x EPtX is probably the best way to use many of the lower level ones.

eradicator84 03-30-2013 02:23 AM

Another highly effective idea is using 2x directed energy modulation, coupled with the doff that provides weapons drain resistance on DEM usage.
Gain extra shield penetration and reduce weapons power drain at the same time. Mix into the cycle 2xEPTW, nadion inversion and EPS and you should be able to keeps weapon power levels up fairly consistently.

For captain skills do you also have 3 or 6 points spent into 'starship weapon performance'? (don't spend 7-9 points into it, the extra 3 combined gets you 1 extra power for weapons, not worth it)

Another suggestion would be to alter that DBB to a torpedo, that way you can retain turrets and reduce drain.
Or if you want to keep all energy based weapons change DBB to the romulan experimental beam bank, which draws 0 (zero) energy.

Then there's the consoles. get the borg console for +5 weapons power. Zero point energy conduit adds power to sub systems too. Then theres the engy consoles that add power to weapons subsystems too.

KHG engine can help too with power, even more so when the subsystems power is set at low levels (as it's an efficient engine so adds more if levels are set under 75 or whatever)

lsloan31 03-30-2013 05:08 AM

Thanks for the responses so far! The reason I've just got the one copy of EPtW so far is because I'm pretty new to engineering so I wanted some opinions on what to chain best (eg whether to use EPtX1/2/3 and the benefits of each which someone has kindly answered already).

The ship I'm using is a regular Negh'Var from the Mirror lockbox, and whilst I'm very well specced out on my fed toon with omega gear galore this is a new toon with no reputation whatsoever, so for the time being options like KHG and the Borg console are out.

Definitely keen to try out the DEM (I'd somewhat avoided it since I've not found it all too useful on my tac fed). Going to be cheeky and ask how you'd best mix the engineering abilities up for this boff layout. One thing I've read elsewhere is not to use higher DEM numbers but I'd have to if I were to stick to EPtX1/2 rather than 2/3.

momaw 03-30-2013 08:46 AM

I never noticed any specific bug or problem with the Negh'var's power consumption. Really you shouldn't be having much in the way of power problems anyway, not carrying dual heavy cannons and turrets. Very unusual. :confused: You do know that your weapons will always have much higher drain when you first open fire than they will after a few seconds of sustained firing because their firing cycles desynchronize? That goes for any ship not using beams.

For a cruiser, make sure to max out your Warp Core Potential skill. This gives you more power to every system. Weapon System Performance is also a no-brainer.

The single greatest piece of equipment any KDF ship can have, for power management, is the Plasmonic Leech. It comes from a Z-store ship. One of the cheaper ones fortunately. Max out your level in the very cheap skill Flow Capacitors, and your ship will enjoy +10 power to all systems during combat.

The 2-piece adapted borg set (typically the assimilated console plus the cutting beam) gives an ongoing very high chance to buff your weapon power. (The cutting beam is also a very powerful weapon in its own right)

Even without that, any non-beams ship should do just fine with EPTW1. Higher ranks are just a waste of potential.

If your power levels STILL aren't what you want them to be after all of that, consider replacing one of your cannons with a photon torpedo launcher and adding some projectile officers to your Doff lineup. Under practical conditions a photon launcher with ProjOffs can put out a very respectable amount of damage due to the increased rate of fire and fact that torpedo damage is not reduced by range at all while cannons drop off in damage quickly.

wifflecondom 03-30-2013 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by lsloan31 (Post 8918311)
The ship I'm using is a regular Negh'Var from the Mirror lockbox, and whilst I'm very well specced out on my fed toon with omega gear galore this is a new toon with no reputation whatsoever, so for the time being options like KHG and the Borg console are out.

I'm confused... Mirror Negh'Var...? Doesn't exist. Maybe it's just a typo, but you've gotten me curious.

lsloan31 04-04-2013 01:12 PM

Thanks for the advice with the console, I've not really spent any zen on this side so far and I probably will do so within a couple of weeks. Since my last post I've swapped to a 2DHC/2torp build and with some projectile doffs I'm getting some pretty decent DPS and my power levels are stopping up. I think the problem was with popping off every ability under the sun in my alpha strikes and not being able to compensate fast enough for this meaning I was constantly left with lower power levels. It might only be an extra 8 drain but swapping from running escorts to cruisers (and the lower constant weapons power without the +15) really does have more of an effect on power/DPS than one would realise!

Also, apologies for the confusion! I completely brain freezed on the Mirror Negh'Var comment, I'd just bought the Vor'cha that comes in a lockbox and had a senior moment ;)

tetonica 04-07-2013 11:52 AM

I think this used to be my negh'var build. I used 3 purple projectile doffs and 2 whatevers, maybe bfi doffs could be good. This was a while ago though, but it should be work well

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