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Archived Post 01-13-2010 05:07 PM

Stuck in Sol space
I can create/delete characters and get through tutorial fine.

Facial hair would not tint for me (regular head hair did and all other aspects would tint too.

I warp to sol at end of tutorial and just a loading screen that will disconect after 20-30 minutes (yes - Im patient or foolish)

Have done this 5 times so far today. Lag and rubber banding as the east coast started going into prime time.

Did not delete the first slot.

That character did get to the spacedock then hung lauching back to sol space to do next mission.

I am us central time based - At&T Dsl line - good its not that

Is it just server load?

Is my copy corrupted?

Can individual characters be corrupted?

Could someone tell me something other than be patient its a stress test...plz?

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