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gradstudent1 04-01-2013 10:09 AM

Official Advanced Seminar Sign-Up Sheet for Coaches

We begin offering advanced seminars on April 27th, at 8pm CET/8pm EDT (regular Boot Camp times). If you want me to post a registration thread for you, respond to this thread with the following info:

- Course Title
- Scope: What will you cover? Give me at least 2-3 sentences, which I will then use as part of advertisement.
- Requirements for Students (e.g., students must bring such and such a career, equipment, etc.)

So that we don't have 15 classes full of 1-2 students, I want to limit the number of offerings we have this time, and I am also hoping that coaches, who may need development in some areas, will also attend the advanced sessions. For example, assuming I am not too tied up for admin work that day, I may attend a session related to escorts/dmg.

So I propose a maximum number 5 classes per time zone session. THIS WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. That is, the first 5 coaches who post a course for CET will have priority. The same applies if they can teach both sessions (CET and EDT). Let's see what kind of turnout we get with 5 courses and if it is determined that 5 is too limited, then we will expand.

Thanks everyone!

brokenmirror2012 04-01-2013 04:31 PM

Basic Healing
-Scope, how to use heals, and what u should focus on. basic class to introduce healing.
"An introduction to those who want to heal, however find the change to healing difficult"
-Students must bring a Ship with no Primary Tactical Slots. (Ltc or Cdr)

Advanced Healing
-Building on basic Healing. How to do DPS when your healing, how to survive when your healing. And preemptive healing.
-Students must bring a ship with a Cdr Eng or Sci.

P2W Consoles
-A mathematical explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of p2w consoles.
-No requirements.

Spike vrs Sustained
-The diference between doing damage, and hitting hard. When you need what, and why its good to balance.
-Requirements, A ship with a primary Tactical (Cdr/Ltc) BOFF

Id prefer doing text versions of this.

gradstudent1 04-01-2013 06:02 PM

Pax will teach a course on how to set up pre-made teams.

mimey2 04-02-2013 09:39 AM

Advanced cruiser builds (primarily Aux to Battery builds)

EST only (can't promise on the CET one, too early in the month to know).

Requirements: Tier 5 cruiser with at least a Cmdr and Lt. level Engineering slots. Any other gear and class is accepted. I will also be glad to teach both Fed and KDF players.

Class will cover the general usage behind an A2B build, along with how to properly time the usage of Aux to Battery in combat. The class will cover various non-A2B cruiser builds as well.

kolln95 04-03-2013 09:26 AM

Science Debuffer and Healer

CET only (do not know if I'm able to teach on EST time.)

This would cover the sci skills debuffing as well as healing at the same time (so hybrids). Also including, how to make a completely debuffer (disabler, knocker, holder or mixed) or a fully healer from the science ships. Further, how and when the best to use Subnuke and other debuffs, and how to combinate them for making sure to bring the enemy down.

- Students must bring a science vessel that is Tier 4 or better.

gradstudent1 04-03-2013 04:49 PM

Cool ideas, coaches. Keep them coming in. We still have space for more.

livinrtb 04-04-2013 10:59 AM

Target Callers Anonymous
~Target Callers Anonymous~

How To Call Targets
When And Why To Change Targets
Who Should Call Targets
Targeting Team Mates

And many other wonderful tips and tricks...

Pls have the target/Heal target keybinds installed...And you are asked to please bring a case a beer for da Coach...that is all

Good Luck And Have Fun Out There...

devorasx 04-04-2013 01:38 PM

I can teach more deep into CC and managment of healing solo and in a group.

Require VA ship.

emoejoe 04-04-2013 02:26 PM

LeetMode: Legacy of Pwnage: History Of Alpha
I would be greatly interested in offering a extensive analysis, explanation, and history of the dreaded "alpha strike" in STO. Purely from the tac-bop perspective, learn how the game has evolved and seasonal additions have brought new dynamics and the return of old trouble spots for the bird of prey alpha striker. Like a course culminating in total comprehension of all aspects of a curriculum; a student could come away with a deep understanding of the games mechanics, how they have changed, and what remains viable today in the age of Marion enhanced hyper spike moment.

--The requirements would be a tactical bird of prey, of any type. Gear and bridge officers necessary for various "spike solutions" can be attained on the fly.

I think a short list of highlights would include:

1. Buff stacking and sequencing. (getting the most for your clicky)
2. Buff reading and expected buff activation sequence for various target types (bugs wont have rsp3, but a cruiser might)
3. Egress without trying-or healing. (i lived at 1%)
4. Live runs vs tanks/squish deeps.
5. historical context (now imagine if psw alone did 100k!.. good times)

p.s be great to have some extra tough tankers for this, to be the meat bags.

anyhoo no worries if no one is interestedi n this

gradstudent1 04-04-2013 03:00 PM

Thanks for these new additions (Livin, Devoras, Mini, etc.). I see no problem moving forward with these ideas. I hope myself to attend some of these sessions--I mean, who doesn't hate having Devoras annoying you with is CC in a match?

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