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martok16 04-01-2013 10:03 AM

Missions are impossible to create.
After multiple attempts and multiple fails for 3 weeks, I've come to the conclusion, that creating missions are strictly for Einsteins with a masters degree, simply because the UI is not user friendly enough, there's insufficient content, and objects can not be edited/moved within the 3D world.

The only way I can get a grasp on how the inferior UI works is to share my screen with a professional mission creator using Skype, along with Skype voice chat to walk me through from start to finish, including all the workarounds.

Online tutorials? Way out of date, and there are no actual PDF files for step-by-step instructions on creating missions, from start and ending with a fully working mission, including workarounds, with coverage on everything that can be done, and how it's done.

the1tigglet 04-01-2013 10:11 AM

completely agree. So I'm a lifer right been playing for a very long time as a player. NWO comes out and I saw in a video just how easy the NW foundry is going to be to use to create content for that game. So I figured hmmm must be the same on STO because this game is made by the same people and it's three years old now surely that's where they got the idea for making the NWO foundry so easy right? WRONG. Seriously, you have to know how to code to make objects interactive??? really?! What happened and why didn't someone update the foundry on this game? And are there going to be plans to make the update so people aren't stuck trying to figure this mess out?

lincolninspace 04-01-2013 10:22 AM :cool:

thegreendragoon1 04-01-2013 12:05 PM

I personally only have a Bachelor Degree and I'm sure there are a number of successful foundry authors with less.

It so happens that the first Foundry Authors Academy occurred a week ago and recently had the recording posted. This was made for new authors and is a great tutorial for showing you all the basics how to build a mission. It's about 3 hours long so you may want to set aside an afternoon to go through. (I'm told more bite sized chucks are coming soon.)

One thing to keep in mind is that you will at times need to alter an aspect of your story to fit with in the confines of the Foundry. A lot of new authors will hit a road block and stop not realizing that a small change in the way the story is presented can sidestep the block. If you do run into these problems or am just confused about a particular aspect of the Foundry, you can post your question here on the forums or head over to the Starbase UGC chat room for quicker feedback. Most of the Foundry authors are more than happy to help and throw their experience at your problem.

Lastly, while the NW foundry is more polished than STO's, at the core, it's the same Foundry. The way missions are constructed in both are very similar, so running to NW won't solve problems you have here.

apulse 04-01-2013 12:52 PM

UI inferior? Yes
Impossible? No
Complicated? Yes
Extra Creativity? Yes

The Foundry is a mess (Blame Beta verison?) but it is not impossible to create missions.
I am not a master mind of the craft, but I have watched lot of Youtube sessions and after that I was pretty much solo going.

The thing is, that The Foundry is not complicated, its simple, to simple it makes it kind of complicated. Do you want to do advanced stuff, then you need to get your creativity going and know how you are going to bend the simple to advance.

Example, A object can only be used in one objective, after that it can't be selected.
So, how to break this? Easly, make two consoles, A & B.
A is for the first objective
B is for the second objective
Stack them togheter on the map.

Make the B invisible till the first objective is done and then make it visible when the second objective is active and make object A invisible after the first objective is done.

I suppose it sounds like nonsense to you, but it is a complicated messure that must be done in a simple program to make an advanced map.

Anyway, I don't know if I am just rambling here but to the point.
Make simple missions to begin with and then move up the ladder.
I have had to much prestige in my Foundry missions, so advanced that I never really complete them because I lack knowledge and time.

The best learning process is by doing.

Good luck :)

lincolninspace 04-01-2013 01:03 PM

I would complain that the foundry is time consuming before I would complain about it being impossible. As you learn the Foundry you will recognize the tricks that dev use in many video games out there to tell stories, it really helps if you are a gamer. There are few hotkeys, the interface is Clunky, Adobe Photoshop it is not. But the Devs assure us that their toolset is not that user friendly either. This forum is a great place to get the help you need to use the foundry.

markhawkman 04-01-2013 01:16 PM

Actually... if you give two identical consoles identical coordinates, the player won't be able to tell that they are in fact interacting with two different consoles. :) But you could just do two side by side consoles too. Either way works for doing two objectives for interacting with consoles in the same room.

apulse 04-01-2013 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by markhawkman (Post 8964031)
Actually... if you give two identical consoles identical coordinates, the player won't be able to tell that they are in fact interacting with two different consoles. :) But you could just do two side by side consoles too. Either way works for doing two objectives for interacting with consoles in the same room.

That was what I meant, but I am a poor english-writer when I am tired :)

But as we both said, it is a simple system you need to bend with your creativity to make it more advanced.

ajstoner 04-01-2013 02:14 PM

The learning curve can be a little steep but you should just check-out the various youtube tutorials and come by to Starbase UGC chat to ask questions. The Foundry in STO, while leaving a lot to be desired, is incredibly easy compared to modding pc games.

hippiejon 04-01-2013 02:23 PM

you could also place an 10ft invisible object to interact with, and place it as you would a second console.

As to the original post, Yes, the Foundry is a somewhat complicated tool that has a difficult and steep learning curve. But "impossible" ? nah.

There are a lot of resources available to assist in learning the tool.

(1) The tutorials, while many have grown outdated, there are a LOT of available tutorials that can really help you get a great and basic grasp of the way things work.

(2) The Forums, and asking specific questions regarding your difficulties. Often I have found gets a bunch of good responses.

(3) Direct Interaction with people who know how the tool works. Can be via Skype as you describe in your OP. which I don't understand why you seem to feel this is a "bad" or negative thing. It's simply one other avenue of learning from my perspective. Personally I learn far better with the assistance of a knowledgable mentor.
There are multiple places that have Chat rooms. I personally love the community over at StarbaseUGC.Com and the chat room available there. Fun, silly people pretty much always willing to answer any questions and help however they can.

(4) Write to various Foundry focused podcasts and ask them to discuss aspects of mission building you want more info on.

Basically, I agree that the tool is difficult and not the best. It is riddled with bugs that make testing before publishing near impossible. But for all it's flaws , it is not impossible to create missions.

Believe me, if a technologically impaired old hippie like me can figure the thing out, anyone can.
Heck, I had trouble finding the "any key" one time.

Here's hoping that you find the support and assistance you need to create awesome Foundry missions.

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