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zelazko 04-05-2013 11:41 AM

PvP BoP, how to get into it?
So i finnaly just got 24 lvl with my Fed, and just made my Klingon looking alien. Since my times playing EvE online i loved flying as an Stealth bomber/Recon pilot. So in STO from the start, obviously my ship of choice was Bird of Pray.
In my opinion PVE is something i can do in singleplayer, so i focus on PvP.

So im lvl 27 Tac, just starting, but i want to head in the right direction, could someone write me build for BoP pilot? I read through some topics already, but some looked like they were expired and i didnt get the info i wanted.

For skills ill go Max Tac, half in Engi, and Shield Emitters/Shield Systems in Sci.
Gear, well the best one ill find obviously, with:
Front: 2x Tetryon dual heavy canon, 1x Tetryon dual beam and a Quantum torp
Aft: Torpedo, and something.

But i have no idea what skills should i roll on bof. Should i go with 2 tac officers or 2 sci?
I was thinking something like:
Tac: TT1, dunno, BO3 (if i can find it), APO3
Second officer i dont know who to pick
Sci: I dont know i think a must is PH, but i think i could also use TB, TSS, and HE
Eng: EPTS1, RSP1

I would really appreciate all the feedback i can get, because im playing this game for a week now and dont want to doon goof in the start. Also quick question should i roll as a BoP pilot for leveling or better should i pick a Raptor? Because in compare to my Sci Cap Sci vessels, BoP sure blows up a lot :)
And what lvl is good to start playing PvP matches, is it Capitan? or should i try, as soon as i find some decent gear.

alopen 04-05-2013 12:50 PM

Seems like you know more about BOPs then I did when I first started in one. If you want the best build, you will not like tetryon, while it could potentially be good for pressure dmge, its definetly not useful for alphas. AP is probably best (I use disruptors myself). I use a CMDR and LT in tac, with ENG in LCDR and Sci in LT. Mainly, you need omega III, BO2/3 and HY 2/3, Tac team and a CRF1. (Using the Lt slot gives me a second TT and the crf 1) Practice timing on firing your torps and cannons and using BO right before the Torps hit so they go right through the dead shield and hit hull. Get a TB and HE with the sci slot and for ENG whatever works best to stay alive, I opt for epts3,1 and rsp1 because hull tanking in a BOP is laughable at best. RSP helps keeps you alive for 20 secs which is the cloak CD. However, don't rely on it because it has a 2 minute CD and thats a really long down time if you need to burn it on every run.

Do whatever works for you, whats important is you load up on a full strength alpha, decloak and hammer the target. And when that fails, how to get out of the situation. If you go in with Omega you have 15 seconds of TB immunity. Not having PH hasn't hurt me too much. I'm one of those fools who wont cloak out until I feel pressure directed at me. Saving evasive manuvers for use at same time you cloak helps evade people when your shields are down. (use 3 evasive doffs for CD)

thissler 04-05-2013 07:30 PM

Here. My first year in a BoP. Forgive my all Tetryon weps. It was all I could get. The only proc that matters is the Crit D from anti proton. You can go ahead and play around with the math all you like. Just don't come back and bother us with the results. They have no value. It's BO3. You get one shot. You have a 2.5% chance for a proc. You do not play to procs in a BOP. You play to do crit damage and kill. If your trying to use CRF to get your kills, I feel a bit for you, maybe you'd prefer a raptor?

I think I did pretty well though. Considering. And here's my current build. This build demo's being aware and prepped to evade regardless of the outcome of your Alpha. The actual how's and whys of it working.

I'm still doing pretty well. This is an Alpha. Avg is about 3 seconds length. You figure out what to do with the other 17 seconds. Just kidding. The previous video explained what to do with that time. You evade.

benovide 04-05-2013 09:23 PM

On competitive levels, Disruptor, Antiproton, and Phaser are the three mains. Plasma is decent if your primary focus is via procs.

But overall, Dis, Ap, and Ph, are the three primary energy types. I would heavily recommend staying away from tetryon and polaron. Phased Polaron is half and half.

Fleet weapons are the best to pursue. (Strongest weps in game next to the Quad Phaser Cannons and Quad Disruptor Cannons)

Also, learn when to GTHO, when you make your first attack run, time your abilities vs how long it'll take to complete your attack pass, and click battle cloak. If you don't kill your target in the first pass, you don't want to stick around for the retaliation. A BoP can't survive jack crap.

I've had idiots try and take my in my Dreadnought, Negh'Var, Guramba, it never ends well for them if they don't kill me in the first pass.

Beware of Science Vessels, when a player is playing in a Science Vessel, check his profile to identify if he's a Sci Officer in it, if so, avoid attack that ship in a BoP, he, most likely, will be able to detect before you even get into weapons range. And will be dead before you even decloak.

Watch out for Cruisers running dis/mine/RCS builds.

Even a Dread can turn on a dime. Don't assume because it's slow, that he's not built. I've had more idiots charge my dread thinking they can out run my turn, and then discover they are in the crosshairs of my cannons, flew into a minefield, and get 12 Orion Raiders charging up their *** before they decloak, before their buddy finishes his first pass, and their next buddy blown up after the pass, and the fourth near death.

In a Bird of Prey, you want to use hit and run, it is so vital to know what targets to take on, and what targets to stay the hell away from, and when to GTHO.

I've seen the dumbest things happen from BoP and Escort Players. Don't just charge in like an idiot, everyone will know you'll hit your torps, then high speed cannons, and will buff accordingly, followed by their own debuffs on you, I had an idiot in a B'rel get so close, I just used my assimilated tractor beam and allowed by slavers kill the fool.

Just choose your targets wisely.

warmaker001b 04-06-2013 12:48 AM

Wholeheartedly agree with others on knowing when to break off on the attack run. Really, your most common moment of greatest vulnerability is trying to stay on a target a few seconds longer trying to finish it. By that time, they're prepping to strike back hard, or worse yet, his friend has you in their crosshairs.

The BOP is maneuverable, highly customizable, and can be quite devastating. But it is so fragile that you will be surprised how quickly it can go down if you don't handle her right.

Remember: In a BOP, there is absolutely no room for error. You're literally flying inside an eggshell :cool:

zelazko 04-07-2013 11:15 AM

Thx for the feedback guys, helps a lot.

thissler, I saw your videos, and the alpha is a sure great thing to watch to, but seriously im too neewbish to figure out what officers are you using in your build, I was even reconsidering messaging you on yt to ask what skills are you running, but I figuredout a topic on this site should be enough to get some skill builds :P

stardestroyer001 04-07-2013 06:43 PM

I have a question for those experienced BoP captains.

Aux2Bat. Is it feasible on a BoP if you plan to be running either the alpha strike build, or the torp/mine B'Rel stealth build?

benovide 04-07-2013 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 (Post 9101051)
I have a question for those experienced BoP captains.

Aux2Bat. Is it feasible on a BoP if you plan to be running either the alpha strike build, or the torp/mine B'Rel stealth build?

To be honestly with you, I really see no need at all if you're running a torp build to use an aux2bat. I really don't. Some might, but it seems like wasted seconds.

For an Alpha Strike do you mean such as that for a cannon build BoP?

stardestroyer001 04-07-2013 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by benovide (Post 9101371)
To be honestly with you, I really see no need at all if you're running a torp build to use an aux2bat. I really don't. Some might, but it seems like wasted seconds.

For an Alpha Strike do you mean such as that for a cannon build BoP?

I suppose that makes sense, since the cooldown is slow on mines anyways, reducing the cooldown on mine abilities would be unnecessary.

And yes, a cannon build BoP was what I was referring to.

mindsharp 04-07-2013 11:44 PM

The most important thing that you can do is learn the buff icons and what they mean. I mean all the little icons that show up under your targets tab mouse over them and it will tell you what they each mean. The best way to learn the icons is to train up some boffs and run each one on yourself until you know it by heart.

Before you even think about attacking someone with a bop you must watch your target and make sure they dont have defensive buffs going. Tac Team, Attack Pattern Omega, Transfer Shield Strength, RSP of course. If any one of these are running then you should NOT attack. As the others have stated you cannot hang around blasting at a hardened target, you will die.

The next thing you want to keep in mind is you can NEVER rush your attack. Wait until all* your damage buffs are ready before you start your run. Use this time to watch your opponents buffs. When you are ready activate ALL your damage buffs starting with the longest running buffs. Attack pattern ALpha, Go Down Fighting, Tac Fleet, then Beam Overload 3, Torp High Yield, then your shorter buffs, Attack Pattern Omega and last Tac team. It is best to have a tractor beam so you can stop your target which gives him a -def rating which will give you 100% chance of hitting with BO3 (mostly). Make sure you have Evasive Maneuvers ready so you can get out of town. You will have to practice the timing but you will be vaping feddy bears in no time.

*you can get away without having Tac Fleet and GDF on softer targets. they have 4-5 min CD so you can fit two alphas in while they are on CD.

And one last note, try to hit your buffs outside of 10km from target or they may hear your buffs activate! Yes that can happen and your target will have Tac team up and waiting for you, if they are alert.

Have fun!

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