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Talking About Star Trek Online (August 11, 2008)
Hi all -- I've put up links to Q&As with Jack Emmert and Craig Zinkievich, and one to USA Today's interview of Leonard Nimoy.

You can find out more here!

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Thanks kestrel, appreciated

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Can't open:

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Same for me.

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Same here.

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Go to the homepage and you should be able to click the links.

By the way:

From Jack Emmert:

Among the most novel ideas posited by Perpetual was the notion of player-manned starship crews -- imagine different players occupying different stations aboard a ship, working in concert to operate its myriad systems. In contrast, Emmert describes Cryptic's approach as "definitely far more autonomous." One player, one captain, one ship.

Powers &8^]

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The link is fixed now -- that's what I get for trying to post, read what you all are posting and eat lunch all at the same time. :rolleyes:

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Thanks, Kestrel. :D

I was particularly thrilled to see the note in Craig's interview that we'll be able to choose our ship's name and registry number. Why I doubted anything related to customization in a Cryptic game, I don't know - momentary madness, I guess!

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Cheers you big ol' bird of prey!

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It going to be nice were you can fly your own ship but still move around to other parts and planets that what i have been looking forward to.

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