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redshirtthefirst 04-07-2013 10:46 PM

Nerf Sweeping Strike (from a melee fighter)

I did build myself a nice set for close combat including the kit, body armor, a nice blade and the skills to back it up, that all on a Vulcan. However, I do see why people say you can just "sweeping strike" your way through a hive of Borg on Defera. The damage outcome of this single attack is off the scale, at times, I can take down half a group of Borg with one sweep, the rest take a lirpa whirl and done.

Sure, it is nice to just fly through defera city by just spamming sweeping strike, but a tad boring for someone like me who do come to appreciate the blade they are holding in their hands. I guess, I just prefer to do more blade attacks at the cost of loosing efficiency (death per min so to speak)....

So, nerf/rebalance sweeping strike toward lunge and melee weapon combo damage, reward gear and combo making instead of key spamming...

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