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darimund 04-08-2013 06:44 PM

Bug 34925 - character copies are borked, inventory and bank are empty, ship was stripped of all equipped items.

Bug 34927 - PVE Queues borked.. selecting various filters on the pve queues does not filter anything unless you remove everything in a category, IE space and ground missions, then it will filter everything... but not one or the other.

Bug 34928 - Omega Impulse Engine... cool down reduction for slipstream drive is STILL broken after being reported for months and months. since you're fuxing with warp and such, this is the perfect opportunity to fix it.

Bug 34930 - Rearrange UI vs actual UI - The green draggy parts to rearrange the UI are smaller than the actual windows making it kind of annoying to sort them to keep from overlapping.

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