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Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:11 AM

Encountered Yesterday 13.01.09 20:00-22:00 CET

I try to make a report every and i hope it helps. Every day is a bit of a new challange and with new bugs :D
Could be that by now some are solved..All bugs are related to date and time because a day later there could be similar or the same bugs that may have a diffrent cause or act a bit diffrent.

1.) Nearly every time when beaming to a planet or station i was a ship for about a minute until i changed to the captain..vice versa..beaming up to space would result in being the captain for nearly the same amount of time.

2.) P'Jem Mission wen't well but after choosing my reward it took a while until i really got it.

3.) Pathfinding didn't go flawless for Officers. If i go to spots where it's not that easy to get out or when spce to move is limited then officers have trouble to follow all the way back. There are spots where they get stuck staying there for the rest of the mission.

4.) Allocating power to diffrent systems made you loose your target

5:) Entering Systems took a while or got you disc. Leaving a group would take some time. Can Autogrouping be switched off somehow??..I was added to a Group that seemed to do the P'Jem Mission..i haven't found a possibility to evade autogrouping.

6.) Shadows turned on..even on lowest setting causes massive lag on earth starbase..Doesn't matter if it's high or low...amount of lag is the same..turning shadows of eliminates it. I have 2 NVIDIA in SLI...not the newest drivers. Would have to look at home but it's between 190 and 195

7.) Officers still tend to run into a group of enemies if they want to fire on an enemie who ran into your own group. Bad thing because the remaining enemies can fire on your officers right into their back.

8.) Some skills like photon grenades or sniper skill could not be used properly..even after klicking multiple times.And even the conditions where met for them to be used.

GAMEPLAY (should be polished)

1.) Finding someone on a Starbase takes time..Going over Symbols on the Minimap or Map sometimes show names and most of the time rather not..even if its the same person. Should be very easy because...oh's the future..we could ask the computer..hey where is xyz do i get to the admiral..and so on.

2.)Phaser fire is to thick. Shoothing at a ship while 2 fire back would cover your own ship in phaser fire and light, nearly not seeing your own ship anymore...beam weapon fire is "thin"

3.) System Names on the System Map (where you press "M") should be visible or if you go with the mouse over present you have to klick on them to get the name because he asks you "should i set a course for blahblah system"..could also use more color and artwork..should be as nice as the Galaxy Map.

4.) System View..the one where you are in warp...Everything has somewhat the same would be nice if there where diffrences..then you could see diffren far better...A bit coloring would help.

5.) oh well...warp travel should feel or look a bit more like warping and not like impulse...visualy

Hope i haven't forgotten anything :D
Keep up the good work :D So far STO is great

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