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voxinvictus 04-10-2013 10:46 AM

The real problem with the Engineering Space traits.
The problem with both of the space engineering traits is that neither of them encourages you to actually use more engineering abilities or to fly ships which are oriented toward engineering (Grace under Pressure will actually work best with an escort, for example).

EPS Manifold Efficiency working off of batteries rather than EPtX abilities doesn't make sense at all, and as others have noted, it isn't especially good when used with an actual battery for a multitude of reasons.

Tactical captains can reduce tactical BoFF power cooldowns with Tactical Initiative, and Science Captains now have two traits which encourage them to use science abilities (whether or not they are strong enough is another question).

Engineers have no ability, either inherent to the class or through traits, that actually encourages them to want engineer BoFFs or engineer console slots on their ships.

EPS Manifold Efficiency should either work from EPtX abilities, or it should increase maximum power thresholds across the board (+10 in every sub system all the time). That way, it is encouraging Engineers to use actual engineering abilities, rather than consumables, and even increases the perceived value of engineering consoles and skills that increase power to specific systems.

Grace under Pressure, while not ideal, is still a good ability and does encourage engineers to use Miracle Worker, knowing that it can be refreshed in an emergency.

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