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Archived Post 01-14-2010 06:43 AM

Away Team Member
I searched and couldnt find a post on this. During the first tutorial away mission after rescuing hostages and being given the destroy borg machine task the borg machine was destroyed myself and away team (BO) headed back toward the hostages when the server kicked and sent me all the way back to the login screen. After relog I was still in the same place but my away team member (BO) was gone. Since my away team mate was right next to me when the server kicked I am sure they had not beamed back to the ship, so Im not sure if thats a system flag that gets set and going linkdead causes a problem or if the game is designed to secure the away team members in the advent you linkdead. Either way once I came back into game, I was left sitting next to borg turrets and borg patrols. It made for one of those "run forest run" moments. :p

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