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daroska 04-11-2013 09:57 AM

Settings Unnoticed
A replicant of the thread linked below. As a note, I've yet to check if the issue has
resolved itself- although I doubt there has been any change, just like in Neverwinter.

Originally Posted by Daroska
After testing the new update on Tribble I've noticed I have a few oddities with my graphics.
Which aren't apparent on Live, even with the same settings enabled in the Video options.

So I'm wondering is anyone else having an issue where your customised input isn't noticed?
Like even though you've switched off blur and it's intensity, you get a blurry image at best?

This hiccup I've also come across in beta testing the Neverwinter MMO, but I generally
thought that had something to do with my video card being in perhaps a low range for
gaming (even though I can run Star Trek Online on High settings with no interruption to
overall performance). So I wonder now if it has a relation to the Neverwinter technology
implemented in both games (hell, I can even hear the Neverwinter menu music in-game).

Or have I come across some weird bug which happens to people with both games installed?


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