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Archived Post 01-14-2010 08:19 AM

Horribly low FPS
I get horribly low FPS in this game, I have to turn the settings to Low just to get it it run at a stable framerate.

I don't see how this is possible as Im running 2 9800 GTs and a dual core processor and can run games that look 50 times better than this at 60+ FPS.

Any tips? Is this a bug? :confused:

Archived Post 01-15-2010 01:05 PM

I have to agree. While the game look pretty good, I can games that look much nicer at higher frame rates. My specs are higher than the recommended & I can't run even close to max. In fact I run a bit over mid at only 37fps. Ambient occlusion drops the fps down by 12frames! Game needs a lot of optimization.

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