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rickysmith1 04-14-2013 01:51 PM

I feel cheated. Please help me Devs.
I dont get to spend much money on Star Trek Online as I would like and now that I have a family, I find it harder and harder to find time to play, so you can imagine how I felt when this happened:

I placed my last Master Keys on the exchange for a good price and quickly reached my 10mil limit, in fact I lost a key for nothin because of this limit, so seeing this I quickly moved to take off my last Master Key and my three Powered Alien Artifacts before I lost them.
However the game shut itself down before I had a chance to. Then as I signed in I found I lost the items, I lost out on 3,900,000EC for the Alien Artifacts and 1,450,000EC for the Master Key.
Now I could live with this if I was in-game and I made this mistake, but if the game hadn't had logged itself out this wouldn't of happened.

I guess I am hoping that by posting this, the Devs will see this and be generous enough to return the EC or the Items to me given I have been such a faithful player with my time and when possible... my wallet. :o

Has anyone else had this or similar problems?

sindoreye 04-14-2013 10:36 PM

spend the 300 zen to remove the EC cap. don't be cheap and or qq when you go over the 10mil free to play cap. it takes all of 5 days to get enough dil to exchange for enough zen, or , god forbid, you spend 3 bucks on the game.

thanotopsis 04-15-2013 04:25 AM

This is not right.
:mad:I feel cheated as well. I dropped $50 on zen and amongst other purchases, acquired 20 keys for sale on the exchange. before that though, I DID break the EC cap. I placed all 20 keys on the exchange for 1,475,000 a piece. When I logged on after 9 hours I find to my delight that all the keys have sold. but upon checking my EC I find that I have only accumulated 10 million instead of the 29.5 million I should have.

vestereng 04-15-2013 06:58 AM

Honestly you need to plan your route better.

The cap should be the first thing you unlock which you can do for free. Imagine if you had to pay cash for it.

Either which way this is not a bug and you can't fault anyone but yourself.

darkfader1988 04-15-2013 03:06 PM

Dood, I lost 80M ec once because after I uncapped the EC cap i didnt read the small letters saying: You need to re-log the toon before the changes take effect. I sold a ship and got only the amount of EC up to 10M because of the cap.

Great way for cryptic to try an attempt at pulling a EC sink (Not that it helps)

But anyway, too bad. The amounts you talk about is really not much in this game, if you disagree then im not sure what you are doing.

I remember in the early days that just by selling all the junk and sh*t I earned at least 5M ec from level 1 to 50. Since then EC has only dropped in value whearas 5M is nothing now a days.

10M cap my ass, thats like putting your total monthly income at 5% of total, just buy an EC uncap token and stop the QQn, if you dont wanna spend a single penny on this game then thats your loss. 400 ec for a token is really ... a small pack of cigarettes at most.

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