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centurion47 04-15-2013 07:29 AM

tiny tidbit - but important
First I want to say I just peeked at the new LCARS style UI and it's BRILLIANT!!! - I liked your blue UI, but I was hoping you would change to something more LCARS like and it awsome!

Just one little tidbit - the small amount setting window (that pops up when you buy a commodity or comit a large number of items to sell on the exchange) - in the new UI, the slider looks big, but I always seems not to hit the right spot on it to slide it, and end up moving the entire window around
1. re size the "push" surface of the slider (to match it viewable size)
2. reconfigure to option of moving the windows to be just from the top bar (simular to MS windows - that a nature position for windows user anyway), so people wount ending sliding the entire window around.

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