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Archived Post 01-14-2010 11:40 AM

Mission continuing
I am not an overly complainy type person but The one Huge thing that is really ****ing me off with this so far (this is why i am reporting it) Is Missions. i just finish doing a 45 min mission and start beaming to the ship to complete it when BANG game crash .... my log says i finished all but the last objective but if i go back to the area . I HAVE TO START AT THE BEGINNING AGAIN . the log says i did it WHY AM I BACK AT THE BEGINNING.
This has to change for me and all the people i know who play mmo's this is a major game breaker.

Archived Post 01-14-2010 11:55 AM

This is way we have beta testing. Keep in mind this is not the 100% product. Testing is needed to fix bugs such as these.:D

Archived Post 01-15-2010 05:26 PM

Ya I know this is why we are beta testing That's why I am making it loud and clear
haha but it still drives me nuts

Ive played almost non stop since release of beta and i am almost level caped (i spend a lot of time messing around)

but I really feel like i am playing Dungeon fighters online or Guild wars Original I

I have played a lot of Mmo's right since everquest 1 days and played Betas for them too including WoW

I'm finding even comparing Beta's this is really behind The fact that I can even compare the feeling of this game to some such as DFO or Maple story really says a lot. Ive also played 5 Mmo's in Chinese these games were ripped hacked and put together in weeks before release and seems more worked out than this

That being said I still hope on release it is really turned around and that they get as much out of this Beta test as they can. I report everything I can find and I hope you all do too.

P.S. multi server zoning systems are out of date and I haven't seen used in years for a Game that is actually trying to have market penetration. If your servers cant handle more than 50 people ina zone at a time .....................Quit until you can but a real server. Cryptic may not have the money of blizzard but Atari has some spare change. Blizzards servers load a whole continent at a time with 10,000 people online. with little to no lag. I hate WoW i played it for 2 years and HATE it now but man this game makes me really really look up to blizzards dev team.

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