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wolfpack12c 04-16-2013 11:50 AM

Gold member token.
I have seen so many games make this work and because it has to be bought buy a player in the c store and is a tradable item you make the same money. It just makes it so players that really want F2P to be on the same page as golds and lifers. I would say put it up in the ex for 1500-2000 zen.

Reasons to support.
Increases the amount of zen spent by players looking to make ec.
Increases the amount of dil converted to zen which counteracts the starbase bubble
Gives everyone a chance to be gold and feel like they matter
people in PW they can make money off stingy people and money good
Also it adds a new way for players to get gold memberships if they can do the already listed ways

Reasons against it
Massave influx of gold and new players may cause an issue with servers
Some Lifers and gold players might not be to happy about it.

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