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Archived Post 01-14-2010 12:48 PM

100% GPU-Activity - ATI 4870x2
Hey everyone...

Just installed STO, put all graphics-settings to max and experienced 100% activity of the graphicscard in the Login screen O_o

Anyone experienced this as well?

Mainboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR
CPU: Q9300 @2,5GHz
RAM: 4GB A-Data
GPU: ATI HD 4870x2
Sound: Onboard
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

And: My PC restarted after the loading screen to the first space mission... two times. the third time i switched to window mode and no reboot occured..

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:00 PM

Yes - me too!

As a consequence, the damn thing sounds like I have a jet engine under my desk.

Is this normal? Even Age of Conan all max settings didn't do that.


Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:06 PM

Not just ATI
I have 3x 285 GTX's, if I leave it in SLi, 2 of them run at full blast but the graphics are shoddy, probably due to lack of multicard support.

But even with just 1 going I get the same thing, running at full blast at the logon screen, although the graphics run ok in game, but in all respect, this definately isn't right.

I have a pretty good setup and not even hard graphic intensive games like Modern Warfare 2 make my cards go deep red(Imy cards have coloured LED writing down the side which go from blue[idle] to red[full load]) :(

i7 975 EE(liquid cooled), 12GB RAM, Rampage II Extreme MB and 3x Asus Matrix 285 GTX, Windows 7 64bit,

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:09 PM

Sounds like I'm having the same trouble. I don't know about 100% GPU activity, haven't checked that but it's safe to say this is the case, one of my case fans or the GPU fan I don't know which gets very loud. After a bit the whole system will shut down. After I restart it will do the same thing. Before now, the only time this has happened before is if I leave WoW on the character select screen too long. Running an i7 940, 6GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 295, and WIndows 7.

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:16 PM

I have a single 4870 and I haven't noticed any unusual GPU usage.

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:18 PM

I was waiting for others to reply so I could chime in - I too use a single 4870 and it has no issues in the game. Though I do have my fan control set manually (my card is overclocked) and the GPU hardly ever gets above 60 at my config. I have not yet paid attention to what my GPU usage in the game is however - when they bring the game online again, I'll keep it loaded on my second monitor and let you know what I find out, in case it helps.

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:19 PM

I've experienced this as well, my 9800GTX+ running at up to 77C just in the login screen, it doesn't even run that hot when I'm playing Crysis :eek:

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by Unos (Post 1431211)
I have a single 4870 and I haven't noticed any unusual GPU usage.

Interesting - I wonder if this is a problem with dual GPU cards?

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:27 PM

My 8800 GT is running loud as well. As soon as I hit the log on screen, I hear BUUUUUURRRRRRRRR and my fan on my card just stays like that until I close the client.

Makes me worry a bit though, because no other game does that.

Archived Post 01-14-2010 01:30 PM

It isn't a dual gpu problem cause I've took mine out of SLi so only 1 card is running now which is single GPU but still got the same problem.

What operating system you guyz running, wondering if it is a Windows 7 bug.

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