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Archived Post 01-14-2010 02:08 PM

character creation crash
In the initial character creation process the client locks up and the screen goes black, no keyboard control, have to hard reboot computer.
Wxp pro, amd 64x2 3800+, ati 1950pro 256MB, dsl, 2GB ddr2 system memory.

In the charcater creation selecting various details (i.e. skin colour, uniform colour/texture, body type) the client locks up forcing a hard reboot.
But on logging back in have to try and again select the various details to customize the character.

After the reboot checking control panel/ Administrative tools/ Event viewer, nothing shows up as an event in Application (e.g. like an Error or hang) nor in System (e.g. like a Warning)

Windowed the client so can see the task bar and with windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del) popup i notice just the character creation process causes a HUGE increase in the CPU temp (from 30 to +42*C) and both cpu cores are +95% in Performance/ CPU Usage History.

Can not do a client dump because the lockup prevents accessing the crypticError.exe file ( from the install location.

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