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captainretset 04-18-2013 03:13 AM

My Fed's fleets has made slow but mainly steady progress. Embassy is T1/T2 and SB is getting close to T3 on everything. I am one of the main contributors ranking approx 4th on both lists. Can't remember the figures but it's nearly a million on the SB and a few hundred thousand on the embassy. I haven't bought much, just 2 Mk X consoles, a few fleet weapons etc.

When we hit whatever embassy tier gets rare Romulan BOFFS, I thought I would buy some. 'No provisioning' it says. I keep an eye on our provisioning and, apart from ships, it nearly all continues to read zero.

I do not understand what needs to be done to get the provisioning as I would quite like to get these BOFFs.

Any advice appreciated.

captainretset 04-18-2013 05:11 AM

Ah, you can scrap the question; I worked out my own answer by looking at the projects in my more active KDF fleet. I see certain projects include provisions as a reward.

I guess in my fleet, it is progressing too slowly and some people are spending the provisions the second they appear. I guess this is the problem with being in a fleet with too few big contributors and a lot of hangers on!

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