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comash 04-18-2013 08:52 AM

Starbase Fleet Defense audio bug
In this senario, you will experience audio breaking down which is permanent as long as your running your client. Even after you leave it. This is a game bug, it's not too much is happening all at once like most of us been told. That is an excuse to not fix the issue for them, now they will never have to fix it as it takes responsibility off their shoulders. There are many other issues for them to work on and even more coming in May. I have played games with audio issues, but these "too much is going on" issues can be dealt with better computer and upgrades. In this senario, this is not the case. It happens and it is permanent loss of sound, that is a game bug and can and should be fixed.

I am tired of hearing lame excuses, when a good space game comes out, I expect to see you all there and will love playing with my online fellow gamers. Our memories of Star Trek Online will be bad ones and we will wonder why we played it so long. The answer is of course, nothing better out there yet.

There is one game that is, I won't mention it but we know the name of it. Problem is that gameplay and style isn't for everyone. OH, and the ships...UGLY, i can't stand looking at them for long. I love Symetrical ships Star Trek provides and I don't like ships with warts on them or the odd looking features.

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