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wardcalis 04-18-2013 06:42 PM

trying to optomize
I just hit 50 today
and thats what I have at the moment. look at the ship gear and the skills rest is blank

i don't give a rats batooty about ground combat, it's just a necessary evil to me, anyway i'm trying to optimize, I was thinking about going antiproton and focusing on crits but nothings set in stone.

The type of build I am looking for is strait damage with heavy defense. I'm not one for all the science flourishes. I want to strait up melt face, but I want self sufficiency with defenses to let me outlast those I'm destroying. with that skill set up and an escort ship i sit perfectly at 125 weps power and then 70 shields, 41 engine, 41 aux. I normally open up while at full wep power by using a beam overload then pop a wep battery to bring me back to max. while i beat on them. I prefer the shorter cooldowns on beam array powers over cannon ones but I'm not against going cannons if it'd be better for me. also when I play i tend not to move much i like to sit just inside 10km.

I'm thinking of getting the armitage as well

EDIT: the links not showing that ltc tact spot, its high yield 3

jadensecura 04-19-2013 01:26 AM

Well, this would probably be more appropriate for the Federation Shipyards subforum, but until it gets moved I'll see what I can do.

First thing, you have to switch to cannons. Beams are weak enough under the best of circumstances, but on an escort that could be running Dual Heavy Cannons using them is just throwing away half your potential. You're also going to have to change your fighting style. At 10 km beams will do around 2/3 maximum damage, cannons less than half, which again is just throwing away potential. Instead, get close to your target (ideally 2 km or closer, cannons hit max DPS there), and then use the yo-yo method to keep some defense score: 1 click of forward speed, then 1 click of reverse speed, then 1 click of forward speed... so that you stay in almost the same place the whole time. (There are some exceptions to that, proper tactics in some missions require you to keep your distance, and in PvP you have to maintain maximum speed all the time, but for the most part it's the way to go.)

So now that you're running 3 DHCs+1 torp fore/3 turrets aft you'll need to change up your abilities. Before doing anything else drop the Tac Team 2 down to level 1, the important part of TT is the shield redistribution which is the same for all levels. Then replace the two beam abilities with two copies of Cannon Scatter Volley (and note that once you skill it up the cooldown on it will be exactly the same as for your beam abilities). So that will look like this:

TT1, TS2, THY3

If you could get some of the TT cooldown reduction doffs that would be really nice, and allow you to squeeze in a second APB, but I'm trying to keep it cheap and simple here. For your eng slot just drop both of those abilities and replace them with two copies of Emergency Power to Shields, which you can keep up continuously (soon to be almost continuously, but it's still huge). Again, the right doffs can potentially give you a few more options here, but this is the easy route. Your sci abilities are probably fine unless you wanted to replace TSS1 with PH1 to break tractor beams, but that's not very important outside PvP.

Now, gear. I'm actually a fan of the Jem set until you can get your hands on the Omega rep stuff, so stick with that. Your consoles might need some reconsidering though. The tac ones are fine (although I don't have the Defense Turret, so someone else will have to judge whether it's worth giving up another damage console for), but your eng and sci consoles are more debateable. RCS is reportedly good for PvP, but for PvE, particularly on an escort, there's just no use for it. You can try out some armor there (Neutroniums from A Light in the Dark are nice and free) or just plan to replace them with the Assimilated Module and Zero Point Energy Conduit as soon as you get those. The sci consoles are also rather weak, because they only boost the passive regen on the shields, which is usually negligible. You'd be better off with Field Generators (which boost capacity) or Emitter Arrays (which boost both passive regen and shield healing abilities), although those are both more expensive.

Finally skills. This is probably where you're strongest at the moment, there are only a few mistakes. First, putting more than 6 ranks in any of the power boosting skills is basically just wasting skill points, so drop all of those to 6 at most. That will give you enough points to max Attack Patterns and put 3 points into EPS (nice for power recovery and great for those 2 EPtS you have now). I would also drop the armor skills to 6 so that you can boost EPS to 6, Engine Performance to 3, and Weapon Performance to 5.

With all that you'll have a solid basic build.

wardcalis 04-19-2013 04:46 PM

2 scatter vollys? but no rapid fires? I also posted it here because I don't pvp, I only do STFs

jadensecura 04-19-2013 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by wardcalis (Post 9324231)
2 scatter vollys? but no rapid fires?

You can only use two cannon abilities, a third would be crowded out by global cooldowns. It's usually a good idea to be doing the same thing throughout any particular encounter, so you'll want two copies of whichever one you choose and none of the other. You can keep two boffs to switch out situationally, one with 2xCSV and the other with 2xCRF, but if it's going to just be one I'd pick CSV.

wardcalis 04-19-2013 05:11 PM

Ok I'm thinking of aiming for this type of focus build, are [dmg]x3 the best choice? would give me both the and the sets

EDT: that automated turret console allows me to completely ignore incoming high yield anything and ads some auto cannon damage within 5 km

jadensecura 04-20-2013 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by wardcalis (Post 9324791)

Ok I'm thinking of aiming for this type of focus build, are [dmg]x3 the best choice? would give me both the and the sets

EDT: that automated turret console allows me to completely ignore incoming high yield anything and ads some auto cannon damage within 5 km

Now that the skill planner is back up I can finally comment. Looks pretty good, a couple things though. First, that EPS console is basically pointless. They don't boost anything except power transfer rate any more, and I don't imagine you'll be transferring power around all that much. And [Dmg]x3 is definitely not the best option, in fact [Dmg] is usually considered the worst modifier, its effects are just too small. [Acc] is pretty good, but not great for PvE, [CrtH] and [CrtD] are the best for that.

wardcalis 04-20-2013 08:15 PM

I'll focus on crit severity then. just gotta figure what eng console to fill that spot with

bareel 04-20-2013 10:22 PM

Add a 4th +AP tac console, with scatter volley and torpedo spread high yields should not be a threat.

Fleet Weapons are the highest damage in the game. Some will argue that the [Dmg] mods make them bad. They are wrong thanks to the extra damage boost from having a 4th mod and the damage boost for being ultra rare albiet the difference is not that large.

Get embassy consoles for your sci slots the plasma proc isn't great damage but it is still damage.

Drop the Omega torp for a Qtorp.

theraven2378 04-21-2013 11:06 AM

I'll add my 2 EC, i have both AOE and single target abilities, so i use rapid fire and scatter volley as I can adapt to the combat environment, lets say someone uses a grav well and get a nice number of spheres bunched up, rapid fire is a waste in that scenario, so scatter volley is the better option, it's the same with with torps, i use both high yield and torp spread abilities. With the armitage, the point defense console is a must have for the borg heavy plasma torps, even though it fires once every 3 minutes, not a game changer but still useful. I agree on the armor, it's an essential requirement, same with emitter arrays.

For your engines, shields and deflector, if you are looking for better defense, get the MACO set, if you want better attack, go for the Omega set, until then use the Borg set.

Weapons wise, DHCs and a torp are better than beams on any escort for the fore weapons, have turrets on the back.

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