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abrannon4 04-20-2013 08:27 AM

Related Experience? (Non-Dps)
I have an experience to share, and I was hoping that others would share with me some of the things that you may have seen or actively been a part of during game play that does not involve just normal dps.

I was in an elite STF a couple of days ago (the conduit) and as we all joined, I saw that my team had 4 Sci officers and 1 Eng. I have been on teams like this before (with no tacs), and it had not gone well, so going into this one, I was hoping for the best, but also not expecting a whole lot either. Boy was I wrong...

The first part of the mission went ok, pretty average, and we took down the first power node without much difficulty (everyone seemed to know the 10% rule), but what came after was pretty amazing. We destroyed the two spheres which spawn around the power node with no trouble, and then we turned our attention to the borg mini-fleet which approaches from the gate. We did not communicate, or have a plan, about what happened next, it just kinda happened.

Three of us Sci officers had and used gravity well, and the other had a tykens rift which they also used. I fired off a scramble sensors, and then two of us sci's flew in close to use a charged particle burst to disable shields. Now I'm not sure which one was more effective: the three gravity wells tearing at them, the fact that they were shooting at each other compliments of the scramble sensors, their lack of shields or the fact that their comrades began blowing up all around them, but the entire mini-fleet was completely destroyed in about 8 seconds. After it was all over, two of us even said one word: "wow..."

Needless to say the rest of the mission went smoothly and it ended up being one of the best random teams I have ever been a part of, and all with no tacs. It was good to see in a game that is so heavily focused on dps, that a team with no tacs could do so amazingly well just using powers and abilities.

So, anyone else have any similar stories where something other than just plain dps was used with great effect? I would love to read them! Thanks!

ferdzso0 04-23-2013 12:20 AM

good post. lets not credit the other scis and eng for dealing actual dps, and lets assume that the gravity wells and tyken rifts simply tore the borg apart...
I would hate to burst your bubble, but from what I gather the simple truth to that story is, that your sci and eng teammates had good dps (unless you were parsing, and you know that they did low dps)

rezking 04-23-2013 01:43 AM

I run a Sci on my main KDF and I recently switched to a Torp-boat config (Vo'quv and B'rel) and...I wish I made the switch earlier.

It's my belief that charged particle burst is a little lacking, so you must have seen photonic shockwave.
I use it with a tractor because I'm gangster that way.
Add blue Doffs for grav/photonic aftershocks and you'll end up with what you posted.

coldbeer72 05-06-2013 11:18 PM

Although it was a while ago now, have had a very similar run.
Was not long after season 6 started and entered "no win" and found myself teamed up with an RSV, 2 DSSVs, a LRSV and an Oddy.(and me in an RSV also)
First thought......Round 3 if we are lucky.
Dunno how but we made it all the way to round 6(yeah I know thats nothing these days, but at the time......).
It was a kalidescope of grav wells, tykens rifts, CPBs and beams of every colour, but it worked!
Is the single most satisfying match I have had in this game to date!!
I think going into a match not knowing weather you will make to the end, and having to use some serious skills to do so, is far more rewarding than going in with mega DPS at your disposal knowing that anything that gets in your sights is instant space dust!!

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