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tilarta 04-20-2013 06:28 PM

Lag during CE Event
This is a bit of an odd problem, but given how consistent it is, I figured it rated a mention.

Problems with my ISP have slowed my connection speed.

Now, 3 days ago, all this did was cause a small bit of lag when the map loaded and the rest of the time I am fine, being fully able to participate in the battle.

But 2 days ago, I attempted to do it and well, lag spikes were over a minute in length!

I pretty much have no control whatsoever!

I try to fly forward and end up flying 50 kilometres past the CE!
By the time the lag ceases, it's at 10% health and I'm turning around to come back.

I had the same result today.

Did Cryptic do something that is making the server connection less stable?

Mind you, my personal opinion is that's it's the overabundance of pets that is causing this issue.
The CE spawns a lot of them, the players spawn even more and in the current state of my connection, this is more then it can handle.

*Veteran mode* Does anyone remember when you had to fight battles without relying on
combat pets?

Has anyone else had this experience?

Mind you, I doubt anyone has, since my ISP is kinda stuffed at the moment and that problem is not reproducable.

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