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awaken21 04-21-2013 10:20 AM

Best place for an ex wow hardcore heroic raider? :) UK/EU, pref mature (mostly 25+)
Having trouble finding a place to call home! Got myself two characters up to 32 and 31 in a week, enjoying it a lot (lifetime trek fan, so I should! Tried it in beta years ago, seems to have improved a lot!).

I'm 30, from the UK, and have been in the fairly hardcore (world top 1000 ish level, so like top 1%) heroic raiding scene for a while on WoW, managed to give it up, and am not too worried about absolute top performance, but would appreciate being surrounded by genuinely good players, not a bunch of mongs or emotional teenagers!

Regularly used voice comms (mumble/ts/vent) as a hangout place is a must!

So, any suggestions? :)

awaken21 05-07-2013 06:43 PM

bump! still looking :P

And now got fed 50 eng, 50 tac, and kdf 50 eng :P

mimey2 05-07-2013 11:28 PM

Hmm, well, I would love to invite you to my fleet of course, but I'm curious...what else are you looking for in a fleet?

My fleet is 18+ only for example, and we have a teamspeak, but...what are you looking to do? STFs and other PvE related things? Or big-time PvPing? Or something else?

Do you want a massive fleet, a really small fleet, a more medium-sized fleet? Do you care about the Starbase/Embassy? Etc?

I'm not trying to sound elitist or rude, or anything, just wanting to get a better view of what you are wanting, so I can help say if my fleet might be what you are wanting.

Like, the biggest thing my fleet wouldn't be able to do is simply be on at the time you'd probably play, because a large portion of my fleet does live in America, so that wouldn't really be fun for you to never have anyone on in your time, except at night.

Though there are plenty of EU-time fleets out there.

I do look forward to your reply, and maybe I can help you find a good fleet to settle in. I can't promise anything, but I wouldn't mind helping you out.

awaken21 05-08-2013 04:01 AM

The main thing is the community, to hang out in voice comms, chat about the game, get advice, communal whinging ground etc :)

As for content, I'm interested in everything to a degree, and I've been enjoying both ground and space. I guess the hardest PVE content - that's just the elite STF's, no win scenario, and crystaline entity though, so there's not a lot? Leaving PVP is the ultimate end game it seems! Who know's what they'll add though - scoreboards for content would seem like a good plan, speed runs of STF's etc, maybe we'll get that in future.

I'd rather have a small to medium fleet, where you actually know who everyone is - can't help feeling 500 is too many! I know other games have similar limits, but are rarely that full, without counting a lot of alts - in this game, there's less alts, and the mechanics of the fleet progression seem to encourage a huge fleet that doesn't know each other.

As for starbase, I'd like to actually feel involved in the whole process of getting it (and the embassy), so preferably not quite there yet (in terms of the maxed shipyard being what seems the most important bit to aim for?) - although the counter to that is I might expect the sort of community I'd prefer, to have already got there! What I don't want is a large, impersonal, auto-inviting guild that's just relying on grabbing enough noobs that will randomly donate stuff because "fleet credits must be good right?", which are the sort of fleets my characters are all in at the moment!

mimey2 05-08-2013 11:04 AM

Of course, that makes sense. I'll tell you more about my fleet:

My fleet has a Fed and KDF side, both of which are pretty well along.

Most of us, as said, do live in America, or within those time zones, but we do have several who live in EU area time zones as well.

Our Fed side is a tier 4 Starbase, with tier 4 everything across the board (except transwarp conduit), working on tier 5 Engineering first. We also have tier 3 on both Diplomacy and Recruitment, and when I log in later, I will be slotting our tier 3 Embassy upgrade.

Our KDF side is tier 3 across the board, with tier 4 shipyards, and working on tier 4 science. In turn, we slotted the tier 4 SB upgrade just yesterday. We also have a tier 2 embassy, with tier 2 in both areas, and are working on tier 3 recruitment now.

We're fairly large, not so much in 'nameless faces' or anything, but more that we are highly laid-back, and don't ask for anything from our members. If they wanna do something, they can, if they don't feel like getting onto TS, we don't push it. We have on the Fed side over 250 members, but...I can probably say that roughly half those are alts, maybe more. Even then, the community is still pretty tight between all of us who do get on most of the time, and stay on TS, etc.

We do pretty much everything though. Not so much PvP, though we do do that of course, but all the other stuff you mentioned, we do.

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