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messahla 04-22-2013 06:32 AM

Away Team Weapons bug
Here is a bug i found with the romulan away team weapons you buy at the flotilla

Piercing Beam Rifle

1) The Piercing beam rifle fires like minigun its secondary attack has no visual graphics

2) Using secondary attack causes NPCs to react as if your tossing grenades at them

3) Using secondary attack does little to no damage

4) Equipping piercing beam rifle to your BO's causes them to fire at a random wall or door this effect continues till you remove the weapon also changing maps has no effect your BO still keeps firing in the direction of the random wall or door.

Long Range Minigun

1) Ive not actually seen what this weapon looks like because each time i change maps it looks like a completley different weapon such as a pistol a plasma rifle phaser rifle and phaser pistol.

2) Also when initially equipped it looks like a random weapon not a minigun

3) This weapon when fired does little to no damage its secondary attack is all sound no visual effects.

Rapid Fire Pistol

1) Its damage rating is higher then the damage it actually does

2) Secondary attack is one shot not the rapid fire attack that is mentioned in its description and stats

3) Its DPS is lower then its stats imply

Thats all ive found for now and will post more Bugs as i find them :)

jivedutch 04-22-2013 07:31 AM

The piercing beam glitch i can confirm ...
Quite useless to have a science officer who keeps shooting floors.

archoncryptic 04-23-2013 11:36 AM

Thanks for the bug reports. These weapons are in an extremely early state, especially in terms of their effects, which are all placeholder.

Regarding the secondary attack for the Piercing Beam Rifle, are you holding down the mouse button or key? This ability is a "true maintain" - meaning it fires while you hold it down, as opposed to just firing when you click it. This may explain some of the effects issues you're seeing as well, but the effects side should also be much clearer once we get non-placeholder effects in place.

The same is true for the Repeater's secondary fire.

If you're holding down the button/key and still seeing these issues, that's a more serious problem.

Regarding the long range minigun switching models when you That's a new one.

Either way, we're actively working on fixing bugs with these, and I'll look at the issues you've mentioned. Thank you for the bug reports!

tenkari 04-23-2013 11:44 AM

i noticed something really weird with one of my guns, forget the name of it right now, maybe a plasma sniper rifle? it has the laser sight like the sniper rifle but you hear a charging sound before it goes off. anyway sometimes it seems like it shoots 3-4 times even though it only really shoots once the animation plays several times in a row so it sounds like a rapid fire sniper rifle........

damn i wish there really was one of those in game. lol.

edit: of course, i might have been using a peircing beam rifle like the sniper rifle... though unless the two share secondary icons (the ironsights icon) I dont htink so. maybe i got a sniper rifle that thought it was a piercing beam rifle?

Edit 2: also i dont know if i still had it. i had one rifle whos secondary shot kept playing the animation of my plasma assaultwaave rifle. aka the plasma cone with shotgun sound everytime i fired it. and i know it wasnt the assaultwave that was my active gun, becasue the primary attack was still a standard rifle bolt, not the assaultwave ball shot.

markhawkman 04-25-2013 08:44 AM

I had no issues with the repeater pistol or Peircing beam rifle, until I got the Mk5 versions from the flotilla store.

AFTER I got the MKV versions... I found that my captain can't use the secondary fire of the repeater pistol(apparently the charge meter is stuck at 0 charge). And then I started to see the issue with Boffs spraying the landscape with the Peircing rifle.... The Peircing beam rifle seems to work properly when my captain uses it.

markhawkman 04-26-2013 09:21 AM

Well, that was interesting...

another player talked me into trying a run of Breaking the planet.... with only 2 people. Yeah, that was brutal. After an hour we'd managed to finish the first 2 objectives. The first was rather easy as long as we stayed together. #2.... hard.... really hard. but we got it done. but on the third objective we just couldn't clear the klingon mobs fast enough.

anyways.... I'm not sure if it was the lag or what, one time I got blown up after placing the fifth charge because lag immobilized me during the destruct sequence.... But several times I had issues where my peircing beam rifle would either spray in the wrong direction, keep spraying after I'd stopped firing, or fire without spraying....

tancrediiv 04-26-2013 10:03 AM

Another Boff weapons bug that has nothing to do with the weapon effect, only the animation.

When running Boffs and Captains using rifles run while the whole weapon swings with the arm movements and it looks totally wrong. They should be running or sprinting at port arms. Pistols are fine with arm swing.

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