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tiberius7picard 04-22-2013 03:15 PM

General Feedback, Legacy of Romulus
Ok, I've been "testing" (/enjoying) the Legacy of Romulus on Tribble. Overall, it looks great. I really like the new singularity core explosions and how the first 4 BOffs have actual backstory.

Here are a couple issues though:

1. I was browsing through the shipyard, looking at BOff/console layouts of the new warbirds. I realize not all of the in-game models may not be finished yet. No problem there. But are the bridge officers going to be called Lieutenant Commander, etc., or Subcommander/Centurion, etc.? In the game, they're listed as Civilian/Centurion/Subcommander, but in the shipyard, the details of each ship say Lieutenant Commander, etc.

2. Whenever my ship drops out of warp into a planet's orbit, I hear the sounds twice. They are separated by about a second or two, but it's easy to notice.

Keep up the good work, Devs. I'm excited to play the final product!

progenitor27 04-22-2013 04:47 PM

I for one am seriously impressed with LoR. The work that has gone into it is mind blowing and the mechanics work exceptionally well. It's a joy to play. A couple of minor grammar and spelling issues with certain characters texts, and some server stability issues. Aside from that, solid gold!

cystalsentinel 04-22-2013 05:00 PM

I am really enjoying the content from this expansion. The story is great and I feel engaged in it. Plus it was a great idea to give the bridge officers their own back story. They feel more real to me than the random officers you are given choice of while leveling up.

Mission environments are great too.

I did feel that perhaps the Tal Shiar explosion burst thru was used a bit too many times in "Revelation". By last time I was very hopeful that the next time I saw it the Kool-Aid man would come bursting through the wall. :)

Now... Where is my metal edged ruler. I need to go whack some hands for spelling and grammar errors!

p.s. Also - SHAME on you for taking tribble down when I was working on the mission following Revelation. I was wanting to finish it :(

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