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virusdancer 04-23-2013 12:50 AM

Romulan Speculative Builds
Fleet D'Deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit

Engineering Captain (KDF Allied)

Traits - Accurate, Elusive?, EPS Manifold Efficiency, Grace Under Fire, who knows how many Space Traits a Rom can have, eh?

New Rom - Precision, Sensor Targeting Assault, (Quantum Singularity Manipulation)
Omega - Omega Weapon Training, Omega Graviton Amplifier
Nukara - Enhanced Shield Penetration, Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense, (Refracting Tetryon Cascade)

EPtS1, AtB1, EWP1, DEM3
EPtW1, AtB1, RSP2


DOFFs - 2x Tech(AtB), SE(DEM), SDO(BFI), MAS(EWP)

Deflector - Omega Mk XII
Impulse - Omega Mk XII
Singularity* - Field Stabilizing Mk X [SingA][Res]
Shields - KHG Mk XII

Fore - 4x Elite Fleet Disruptor Beam Arrays Mk XII [Acc]x2[Dmg]
Aft - Kinetic Cutting Beam, 3x Elite Fleet Disruptor Beam Arrays Mk XII [Acc]x2[Dmg]

Tac - 3x Induction Coil Mk XII
Eng - Borg, Neut Mk XII, Tachyo, Leech
Sci - MPI**, 0Point, PS***

Devices - RMC, SFM, Eng Batt, Aux Batt

Abilities - Battle Cloak, Singularity (Plasma Shockwave, Quantum Absorption, Warp Shadows, Singularity Jump, Singularity Overcharge)

Set Bonuses
2pc secondary Borg
2pc D'Deridex Refit/Retrofit****

* Hrmm, wonder what better Singularity Cores are out there.

** This ship comes equipped with a universal Molecular Phase Inverter console. The Molecular Phase Inverter can be activated to shift your ship out of phase for a limited time, drastically increasing its Defense and Damage Resistance and allowing it to pass through other ships. In addition, the ship's turn rate and speed is increased during while this console is active. The ship's Cloaking Device can still be utilized while the Molecular Phase Inverter is active. This console can be used on any Romulan Warbird.

*** The D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit comes with a universal Projected Singularity console. This Console allows you to channel your Singularity Core into a mobile rip in the space-time continuum. This singularity rupture will travel approximately 8km in front of your ship, dragging nearby foes along in its wake, before imploding. This console can only be equipped on the D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit, as well as its the Fleet version (see below).

**** Console Set Bonuses: Players who use the consoles from both the Refit and Retrofit versions of the ship ? for example, the Valdore?s Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator and the Mogai Retrofit?s Ionized Particle Beam ? will benefit from a set bonus for having both consoles equipped.

virusdancer 04-23-2013 09:46 AM

This really did turn my brain to mush last night like I said in OPvP. There's just so much that seems off. Started trying to do Tac, but damage really...yeah...isn't the thing for that layout is it.

Sci would have been...what with the new 135 arc, make it a tanky bait ship that sits around until it can use SNB? Yeah, I gave up on that route.

Eng has the power stuff and a little extra tank that could help it do it's combination of debuffing and annoyance that it ended up doing. But I can think of countless ships that could it better, both in survivability and damage.

It really did burn out the ol' noggin'... I'd be interested in what kind of builds the devs envision with that layout, eh?

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