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mira800 04-23-2013 11:02 PM

Just thought I'd share...
This might seem a little random, but I noticed other people posting similar things, so I wanted to share mine.
This is the only one I have completed at present but I hope to post more :)

mira800 04-23-2013 11:03 PM

Vice Admiral (Captain) Shannon Ashfield
U.S.S. Reconnaissance, Odyssey Class Vessel - NCC 476592

Thank you Professor. Be seated Cadets.
I think it will be simpler for you all, if I start at the beginning...

When I lost my parents in a Borg attack on our little colony, I vowed I would avenge their deaths. I've always thought myself fortunate that the Federation turned up when they did. One Lone Ranger against a Borg Cube. I can still remember the colourful firefight filling the night sky.
They beamed down to find our colony an utter reck, so much so it wasn't worth saving. The few survivors asked to be returned to our home planet, but I refused. I had no family; no friends had survived. I had always thought myself a sort of an outcast, even among the close-nit community I'd been born into. Going to my home planet was something I dreaded more than welcomed. I'd always had different ideas than everyone else my age, better at calculations and tinkering with systems to improve them. I remember at the age of twelve when I'd upgraded the water distribution systems. My father was impressed, but he was the only one. It just wasn't the sort of thing to be done by a female, let alone at such a young age.
So I returned with the Mary Rose to Earth, the most beautiful planet I'd ever seen, not, mind you, I'd seen many planets at fifteen. Here was a place where everyone was welcome. There was no hunger, no crime, no racism. Differences were allowed, sometimes even encouraged.
Finding I wanted to follow the footsteps of those people who had saved me, I applied at the academy. They graciously accepted, providing me with temporary accommodation until I could find my somewhere of my own. It didn't take me long to find an apartment, a sweet little place in Los Angles, not that I go there much these days. I still have it, but I prefer looking at the calm of space through the Reconnaissance's windows.
It took a little longer, but still much less time than other applicants, to finished my training and graduate as an Ensign. Here, I knew, I could make a difference.
I was assigned to the Falcon, under the Command of Captain Taggart, someone I doubt few of you will know of unfortunately, and found myself fast becoming a important part of the crew.
It was on one such mission I was given an important task, involving protecting a smaller vessel from an intimidating Borg Cube, that I found out just how important. With what might have been called a 'freak incident' had it not occurred on almost every other ship during this certain mission of rescue, the high ranking officers, including the Captain, were either killed or injured, leaving me in command of the Falcon.
I'll admit it, at the time I was terrified. I knew that I wanted, one day, to be a Captain and have my own ship, but to suddenly have it thrust upon me, when I'd had no training for such a position, scared the hell out of me.
Suddenly I was the one giving the orders, orders that had the ability to send people to their deaths, or keep them alive. I was responsible for the lives of the crew, not just my own, and for a few seconds after I was told I was the highest ranking officer, I panicked.
But I took a deep breath and took my place in the command chair. I was only twenty years old, one of the youngest Captains in Starfleet but I would do my utmost to protect those under my command.
We repaired what we could of the ship, much needed to be done at the yards, and on hearing of the continuing Borg trouble on Vega Colony I ordered a course there immediately.
This was one of my chances to avenge my parents meaningless deaths. This was a colony, much like our own had been, and I would get the chance to defend it.
Eventually we pushed the Borg back from our borders and I was promoted to Lieutenant, and given command of the Falcon. The rest they say is history.
Now here I am, giving you all a recount of how I became Captain, because, for some reason, your schoolers want you to learn about it.
I don't know their reasons behind requesting my attendance at this lecture, but I can tell you one thing. I became a Captain because people needed me. But as a Captain it is your duty to protect everyone you can. I'll protect my ship and crew, but if it comes to protecting another ship, or a colony, for example, I'll put my ship and crew on the sideline. Those other people's safety come first.
As the Great Ambassador Spock so rightly said, "The needs of the many, out way the needs of the few, or the one." Remember that, and you might just get somewhere.
Now hands up, who has questions...

catstarsto 04-24-2013 07:16 AM

Oh hai, im CatStar. Admiral of the Caitian Division of Star Fleet, I was born of a litter of three, I was the one they threw away....

Being the runt of my family I was cast away to fend for myself, thats when I came acrossed a strange sight of aliens looting an old storehouse, these large lobed creatures noticed me and lured me to come with with the promise a free ride. I didnt have nowhere else to go so at least this was a step in the right direction. For months we toured the galaxy and I was labored to do the lifting and help out in Engineering for many hours per day, I was given a cosey cage to rest in and fed a fine meal of what ever they could hit me with (SMACK) "Lobus wins a cigar!" Durring this time I seemed to get used to the tough labor until it didnt seem so tough anymore, but one day on a trip through the Vega system we where borded by another strange alien species that looked like robot things. In order to quickly remove them, they beamed the cargo section off the ship and down to the nearest planet below...I was part of this transfer. I came acrossed a huge battle, explosions and shooting, light flashes everywhere. So I wallked up to one of the robots and asked him what was going on, he hit me =T.T= I hit him back! More came, so I go into it and began to tussel with the lot of em, I found a sniper rifle laying on the ground and a strange jacket with 4 metal beeds on the collar, so I bundled up to keep warm and locked and loaded..."what, how did I know how to use the rifle?" " I was around ferengi's, I know my merchandise!" I blasted and kicked, fought and found my way to a campment where some bald creatures where also fighting these robots. I later found that humans never grow in all thier fur, they look so funny that way! XD When they seen me they saluted, I thought that was this species greeting, so I returned it. They asked me what to do....=O.O= "huh?" We worked out a plan, and after many strange looks we decided on a tactic that ended up working, it was a long fight, and they ended up giving me these medal things in a box, I couldnt eat and I got strange looks when I pawed at em, so I just kept them in my drawer. I was given command of a space ship called the Enterprise, some bald headed guy was being promoted and sent to planet Vulcan. So I went out exploring and to see new sights...someday I hope to see Star Fleet Academy and find out what they do there. :3

After a full career of Exploring and fighting aboard this Soveriegn class vessel, I decided to retire, and took command of a civilian ship, I was comfortable back in a D'Kora class...where my journey began.

..thought id give it a try too. =^.^=

mira800 04-24-2013 11:20 AM

Sounds like you were pulled into Starfleet rather differently to me!
Nice stuff :)

sander233 04-24-2013 12:38 PM

Great backstories, folks!

mira800 04-24-2013 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by sander233 (Post 9434431)
Great backstories, folks!

Thanks muchly :)

mira800 04-24-2013 01:32 PM

Commander Darren Jones
Current assignment: First officer and Chief Tactical officer
U.S.S. Reconnaissance.

Let me start off by telling you how I came to be a tactical officer.
I applied at the academy at a sensible age of twenty two, as it seemed only right to follow my parents' lead. The academy accepted me with open arms, presuming I would be in a similar mind as my Starfleet parents. I was, of course, in a way. I wouldn't have applied had I not been, but the giant school brought out the rebel in me. It was soon after a fight with a livid pair of Rigelians that I was called to Commander Vartik's office. I quick-marched over there, concern etched on my face, with at least blood on my fists and one black eye. I was sure this was it. The end had arrived before it had even begun. They were going to dismiss me from the service...
I was dumbfounded when he greeted me with a nod of his head and told me to take a seat. Before I knew it he had a smirk on his face and explained that the Federation needed people who could give as many punches as they could take. It was then he turned serious and suggested I become a tactical officer, to protect the people out on the front line.
I took the suggestion as though it was an order, although I realised much later it wasn't at all, and here I am. I've never looked back and I don't regret a thing.
I was the tactical officer aboard the Falcon under Captain Taggart before Captain Ashfield took over. I hadn't served under Taggart for long, and I followed his orders to the letter, but I feel like I can trust Ashfield. We've been through a lot of difficult missions together. She promoted me to her First officer almost as soon as she sat in the command chair and I've never left her side.
I trust the whole crew with my life, and I'd like to hope they feel the same about me. I'll do anything for them, they're my family. I may have a tough exterior, and occasionally a tough interior too, but I'll fight for them, for people in need, for the principles we try to uphold...
With my life.
That's why I'm a Tactical officer.

mira800 04-25-2013 01:38 PM

Commander Johnathan Taylor
Current assignment: Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Reconnaissance

I had always loved to tinker with things. My parents would be at me constantly for fiddling with things around the house. It drove Ma crazy. I remember Pa one day saying to me that I'd be great engineer if I put my mind to it.
My family had no history of working for Starfleet, in fact my Pa worked in an office and Ma was a baker. She loves making cakes and anything with pastry and she had her own little shop down Parch Way. She made the things herself, by hand, unheard of in this age, but she was amazing at it. Made fresh stuff to sell every morning, and whatever she didn't, she brought home in the evening. We always had sweet deserts at our house!
I never knew how much I'd missed until I joined the academy. Hearing tales of explores on starships, tales as old as those told about Archer and the old NX, when i was very young had drawn my attention to Starfleet.. I remember when I was growing up, dreaming one day I'd be on a ship, exploring space.
Only one of the things I had to learn was about the ins and outs of ship design. I was daunted at first. Looking at my timetable, I was utterly gobsmacked, but once I began, I didn't dare stop. I was learning too much to want to. There is so much so many people don't know. I didn't know why when I was younger, but engineers have almost as close a relationship with the ship as the Captain.
I know more than the designers about the Reconnaissance, about how to adjust certain things so we'll get just that bit more power for our engines or weapons when we need it, for example, not that I'll tell you how mind.
And she's a ship built for engineers. Captain Ashfield, when she's not busy doing all the other things she has to, will often come and give me a hand. She's an engineer inside too. I know if she hadn't been the right stuff to make a Captain, she would have made one hell of an engineer.
The Reconnaissance can take quite a beating, but she's not made specifically for fighting. If I could get my hands on the right gear, and fix up the Captain's other little beauty... the NX - 92002, the U.S.S. Estonia, we'd be hard to take out. But at the moment it's not possible.
It'll have to be a dream the Captain and I share until we can make it a reality.
The crew and I have too many battles to fight in this great ship yet, and I plan to keep her running as long as I can.

mira800 04-26-2013 10:47 PM

Commander Skye Ayers
Current assignment: Operations officer
U.S.S. Reconnaissance.

I don't know why you'd want to talk about my life. I haven't done anything amazing in my career, or even got through the academy quicker than anyone else. I'm just an ordinary Beitaziod, following orders from the best Captain I've known.
I suppose in a way I am a bit like Councillor Troi; Captain Ashfield does ask me for a hand in assessing situations. But, she asks everyone's opinions, and to be honest, I prefer working up at the Operations console. I'd rather not be sat beside her giving her advice throughout the day. That's not the type of person I am, and it's not what I was trained for.
I do accompany the Captain to New Romulas quite often though. Sometimes Commander Jones will join her, but he's regularly busy attending to First Officer duties, so I go in his place. I'll often help in engineering too, and come to mention it, so does the Captain.
I'll admit I was getting a bit fed up of fighting, the Reconnaissance is a good ship, but our she does take quite a beating from the Borg.
It seems that a day doesn't go by without a fight with another ship, or a set of aliens on the ground. If we're not being battered in space or on some random planet, we're being attacked on New Romulas!
I'd just about had enough of it and was seriously considering transferring to a nice quiet desk at Starfleet Academy but the Captain found out about my plans. She called me into her office and said to me, "I understand you're considering leaving the Reconnaissance. And I also understand the reason why. I'll admit I don't like fighting everyday; it's not exactly why I joined up either. I'd like to suggest something if you don't mind."
I didn't of course, I considered the Captain a friend, plus she is my Commanding officer, "I'd like to suggest you take a three week leave, a break away from the upfront, if you like, and tell me what you think when you come back. It'll give you a chance to get away from this constant bickering we seem to have with the Borg etc, and perhaps you'll think about what you want from Starfleet nowadays.
I'd rather not loose you Commander. Your an impeccable Operations officer, and you're my friend. I depend on you, especially when it comes to assisting me on New Romulas, perhaps too much, but I'll understand if you truly want to leave."
With that she dismissed me, and I took the three weeks away. I heard, when I returned, there had still been continuous fights against the Borg and on New Romulus, and to my dismay the Captain had been injured, leaving Commander Jones in temporary command.
I felt awful. If I hadn't gone away I might have been able to prevent the Captain being injured. When she'd been able to talk again she informed me, compassionately, "It was my fault completely Commander. I chose to go alone. We'd had some bad trouble with the Borg and several crew members were down. The ship needed everyone we had spare to repair her in time for a battle against the Crystalline Entity. I was needed down on New Romulus so I went alone. I was taken down by the Tal Shiar before I new what was happening. Some Romulans found me and brought me back aboard the Reconnaissance. Don't worry, these wounds are superficial. Commander Jones feels much worse than you do, despite my telling him the same I've told you."
The Captain recovered not soon after our conversation and I decided there was nowhere better for me to be. I realised I cared more for these people than I knew, they're my family, and I hadn't fathomed it until we nearly lost the Captain.
So I'm staying here, ready to fight another day.

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