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urniv821 04-24-2013 11:11 AM

Small T3 Fleet seeking applicants

We are a very small fleet looking to open up and have a few new members join. ( T3 SB, T3 Shipyard, T3 industrial fab in the works, T2 Sci, almost ready for T3 expansion... T1 Embassy, T1/T1 almost T2 in recruitment )

Why join this small fleet?

IMO (ive been in some big fleets).. a fleet with 300+ players will never satisfy all of those players needs/wants.. goodluck with provisioning when something new comes out!.. what? Have enough provisions? but not enough fleet credits! and people always seem to fill up the projects quickly preventing you from getting any!? ... Not here! .. plenty of provisions.. and we all have 1.5mil+ creds each.. so feel free to donate! We can wait!

No pressure! - come and go as you please..

Very Helpful! - I've been playing for almost 3 years now.. plenty of insight to share!.. along with gear and help with any mission.

No Drama! - Drama will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Mature! - No talk about body parts here.. mature adults that enjoy playing this game.. not to be taken so seriously that you need to rage

We basically just want mature people that will mesh with our way of playing, VERY casual, VERY low key.. we do not PVP.. as we do not have all those goodies that T5 fleets have.

And hey, even if you do not want to join us but still want some gear that we can provide, we are more than happy to help you, as long as you help us with donations to projects. Or just donate to help us and get the fleet credits you need!

@vinru821 - for more info

USA Based Fleet... Leaders in EST and PST zones. Most active during evenings and weekends.. as we work :) .. all are welcome.. new player friendly

urniv821 04-29-2013 09:00 AM

We are still on the hunt for new fleetmates!

3 days until T3 in Engineering!.. thank you CE event!.. filled it myself!

We are burning through projects now, we have a new fleet mate that is a rockstar! Would love 2-5 more of this type!

And remember.. even if you just want to use a ship provision in our dusty T3 shipyard,, PM me! Donate a little to projects up.. and get a shiny! :D win-win

We would never ask for EC! No greedy-gusses here! lol

urniv821 05-01-2013 08:37 AM

Happy Hump day!

Looking forward to a night of grinding tonight to fill up projects!!

Deferi, Nukara ( grab your environmental suit!.. I have extras if needed) , Fleet Alerts, Colony Invasions, Crystalline Entity, Starbase Incursions! Doing them all 4x tonight!

Never done them? Awesome time to learn! From a relaxed, no stress kinda guy! ~7pm EST @vinru821

Come join! Or not.. that's now relaxed this teeny weeny fleet is :)

New Players Welcome!

rezking 05-01-2013 02:54 PM


I'll just send an ingame message later to this @vinru821

urniv821 05-02-2013 11:16 AM

Another day.. another Fleet Mark.

Got a few recruits on board so far! Things are looking good.

Need more! ( Mainly in EST zone.. but all are more than welcome!! )

Friday/Saturday will be a huge FM grind for me.. hoping to have a few to bring along!

Starting T2 in Embassy Recruitment ( yay 5 power kits soon )
Finishing T3 in Engineering.. Starting T3 Science tomorrow.

Come join our growing small fleet!

- Simple
- Friendly
- Plenty of Fleet Credits to be earned.. no waiting until a project starts just so you can get a few creds!
- Many Provisions ( after 25k Starbase + Embassy combined )
- Helpful
- Experienced
- New players more than welcome.. levels 10-50
- No pressure.. not on for a week or two? No worries! Sh*t happens.. no kicks here. ( demote until you come back on for safety.. maybe )
- No PvP.. sorry.. just not into it
- No team speak.. I don't like it!
- Mature preferred, but younger players are welcome.. as long as they act mature ;)

Message/Mail @vinru821.. yes it may say @vinru821 is ignoring you.. but that's just some weird bug or restriction.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

urniv821 05-04-2013 07:01 AM

KDF warriors the House of jIH DoQ batlh is still recruiting!
( figured I should put the name up finally )

We completed our T3 engineering project! Elite ground weapons for all!
We are waiting on the countdown for T2 in recruitment in our embassy ( finished in 1 day.. good for a small fleet huh! )
T3 Science is off to a great start.. 1/2 done in the first 2 hours!.. again great for a small fleet ;)

Our new members have fit in nicely with our casual atmosphere and no pressure attitude.. would love to get a few more.

-NO egos
-NO drama
-All Casual
-Plenty of Fleet credits and provisions for all!

If you want to help grow a quickly growing base.. enjoy playing at your own pace.. then this is the place... oh a rhyme lmao

edit: @vinru821 for more info! .. In game today! or a mail later!

urniv821 05-07-2013 01:24 PM

Hi all!

We are doing pretty great with our new recruits!

Looking for some more like-minded casual people to join! :)

We are 2-3 days away now from our T3 Sci, and T2 Embassy Recruitment!.. filled up both requirements in 1 day! And everyone got many fleet credits for participating!

Why be in a BIG fleet with BIG egos and NO fleet credits!?

Be in a nice, casual, relaxed small fleet with NO egos! NO pressure.. NO limits.

Join our quickly growing small fleet so ensure that you can get all the goodies when they are available!.. for FREE.. yes.. free. ( not counting the work we all put in to get there )

Yes, it may be some time.. but have some pride! grow a fleet with some good people while having a relaxed time.. playing.. a.. game! :)

And don't worry.. I can take care of the dilithium and doff requirements ( over 9 million fleet creds to spend on doff boxes)

@vinru821 for more info

-Mainly US Fleet..but more than happy to have people from other countries/time zones!!-

urniv821 05-14-2013 01:56 PM

Still Recruiting!!

Got our base upto T3 across the board.. and fleet lvl 12

Embassy T2 queued.. will buy the dilithium if hold back the upgrade for too long

( I am impatient and get paid decently from work lol )

Will start the T2 in the blue ( science? ) portion when the other project is finished

Started up a Transwarp gate project.. mostly by accident.. but got the fleet marks already filled for it.

As stated above.. casual.. easy going.. friendly.

Looking forward to getting a few more good people!.. I won't limit recruiting to 10-20 if enough are interested in joining.. I just do not want it to get too competitive for fleet creds and provisions.. we have about 50-80 of each for now in the starbase and about 30 of each in the embassy.. I try to keep them around these levels for ease of access.


urniv821 06-05-2013 10:28 AM

Ah have we all made it into the transition of LoR!? Great!

Game looks great!

New missions!

Best of all.. Green Photon Torpedoes!
( at least the graphic is a photon)

And we are still recruiting for a few more people into our now lvl 12 fleet! Our stats? :

T3 across the board in our starbase ( T3 base, T3 science, T3 Engineering, T3 Tactical )

T2 embassy will be ready this time nest week, when we start up the upgrade to T2 recruitment.

At this point we will focus on the starbase, getting it upto T4.

Plenty of provisions, so many. ( PM me if you wanna buy an awesome T3 fleet ships, romulan or klingon )

Casual! Relaxed! No Pressure! Friendly!

Don't feel like playing a week? Who cares! its a game, you play when you want, not because you feel you must!

40K fleet creds and you can shop away at our fleet stores. ( 25k was way too easy, as is 40k honestly )

We have fleet members on the east coast, west coast, and down in the mid south!

Primarily a US fleet, but any and all are welcome! No discrimination based on location, age, gender, or experience level here.

We generally play more after 3pm EST on weekdays, and all day long on weekends ( fri-sun for me )

Easy to obtain fleet creds for the stuff you want, since we do not have 100+ members all donating before you even knew a project was up!

I am very good at helping new players, or returning players with certain things, where to make fleet marks, romulan marks, dilithium dailies.. etc.. and am happy to personally help you run these!

I take care of loyal and good fleeties, EC, Items, whatever you need. ( note NEED.. not wants hah )

Nope, no teamspeak here! sorry, not really enough people to set one up yet. Nor do we do PvP ( as a fleet )

Questions? Comments? Mail/PM: @vinru821

urniv821 06-05-2013 05:53 PM

Hey guys!!

On now! Perfect time to chat and join us !

Looking forward to seeing you all online! :D

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