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nimshae 04-25-2013 11:31 AM

[ We Want You!!! ] In Starfleet Special Operations Fleet
The Orion slave girls jump around excitedly, they tug around their bikini's and flip their hair around with wild abandon. This plan has been in motion for several months. Leather clad Gorn's and Klingon's have overseen and whipped our cadre of little red shirted ensigns while they worked their very fingers to the bone knitting our recruitment nets, when someone dropped of exhaustion they were quickly dragged to an airlock and deposited without mercy into the cold depths of space....

No, no I can?t keep it up, I am grinning too much. Hey there, welcome to Starfleet Special Operations Fleet recruitment thread, yeah we have dancing girls, free beer, pizza?s and laughs but luckily none of the cold blooded stuff....that is unless, you want it!. Sarah gives a saucy bawdy wink!

So we are looking for bold adventures to join us in our quest to boldly go, and play Star Trek Online, chat, banter, RP, while eating copious amounts of pizza and drinking any alcohol we can get our hands, talons, paws or whatever is your chosen appendage on.

Let me tell you a little about our fleet, we are very new, if you are looking for huge progressions, sadly we are not the fleet for you. If you are wanting to join a community that's just starting to emerge then we are just where you may want to be.

Our prime directives are Community, Friendship, Casual Play and Camaraderie, the very tenants that made Star Trek what it is today, we want to distil into our fleet. Also we would classify ourselves as heavy RP with a rider clause. Our RP is done via in game events, forum role plays and creative writing of various degree's. However is NOT compulsory. We want you to join for the community and spend your time in game doing what YOU like.

What we can offer you as a fleet....

1. A very casual and laid back community experience, where your game time is yours to do what you would like with. Want to RP with us, we would be happy to have you. Make groups and play, likewise. Just play solo and chat, also excellent. We will not limit your playtime at all, AT ALL. That means no enforced activity checks, no fleet exclusivity rule. We are not that insecure that we are worried that you have to be made loyal to us through such measures. Want to hang out on mumble, the forums or whatever with us. That's great, your choice. It means more to us that you choose to play with us than we force it.

2. No Military or Corporate Organisation what so ever. That means no ranks, we have a Fleet Master, Members and Recruits. Recruit's become Members after a month and we all have the same voice and rights. No JAG or complex rules. All we ask is that you don't act like a douche and are over 16 to cope with the slightly fruity language. If you become disruptive and upset lots of members we will just remove you without prejudice. No Council's or ruling bodies, we believe that a community should enhance your gaming experience and not complicate it. And no written application. Just tell us about YOU, that's all we are interested in. Not how good you are at games, or accolades achieved.

3. Some of the very best organised RP events on Star Trek Online. Our Bridge RP the U.S.S. Valkyrie has been running for 18 months, over six seasons. We have some of the best players, artists and writers but what's more we have no elitist attitude or rules. We WANT new people to come and join for the sheer fun and joy of it. We WILL help, we WILL encourage. However we will never EVER Critique!

For us we want the same experience from our Role Play that you felt as a child, where sticks, buckets, and leaves were props. Where the only real tool you needed was your imagination. The sheer breathless wonder, joy and amazement you got playing during summer holidays. When even for a brief period you could shrug into the life of another. We believe we have achieved this.

4. Great people, from all over the globe. Chatty, funny, irreverent, we are here not to rule, not to enforce, but to extend the hand of friendship, to make a band of brothers and sisters with who to enjoy our free time and leisure. This should never be made complicated.

5. A professional website, forums and mumble communication server, as well as the use of exclusive graphics and the chance to work with some very talented writers and artists who while have no formal qualifications are passionate and committed to this fleet.

Our Webgateway
Our Web Site
Our Forums

What can you offer us...

1. You, that's all we want. Do you search the stars, the empty nights and galaxies looking for friends on YOUR terms. Who won't penalise you or make you feel second rate because you don't have as much time to play. Did you join an MMO with a set ideal of meeting like minds for discussions, laughs and fun and found that your dreams were lacking. Then maybe we are for you...

We want to make friends, we want to meet you, we extend our hand in friendship....will you perhaps take it.

stoneloki 04-25-2013 12:10 PM

Bridge of the USS Valkyrie.....

Sorrin called for a report as smoke rolled across the bridge, the attack had come out of nowhere, no warning, no transmission, it had all went to hell in seconds.

"Sir we have nothing on the scanners, nothing on long range or short, no idea where the weapons fire is coming from!"

Sorrin grabbed the arm or his chair as the Valkyrie shook again.

"Evasive action, full power to shields and engines, if we can't find them we can at least make it hard for them to hit us."

The Valkyrie rolled in space as it shifted its profile and accelerated away, a pulse of purple light appeared behind them seeming to chase them through space.

"Captain that energy wave will be on us in ten seconds, source is still unkown."

Sorrin contemplated their postion for just a moment.

"Helm take us to warp, get us out of here."

The Valkyrie went to warp, star lines surrounded the ship.

Sorrin began to look at the damage report when his Ops officer brgan to speak.

"Captain! Its back!"

The round crackling pulse appeared behind them, Captain Sorrin looked at the screen, determined to uncover what was doing this.........

What is happening in the Hades Sector of space, what adventures await the crew of the Valkyrie?

Join us for the seventh season of one of the longest running RP's in STO history, meet the crew amd the players behind them, and ofcourse, boldly go where no RP crew has gone before!

nimshae 04-25-2013 12:35 PM

I can definitely recommend our RP events for both experienced and toe tippers alike, some of the best times I have had in this game bar none have been on the bridge of the good old Valkyrie....

All I can say Loki is if thats what we are facing for the new season, hells bells man, you'll have me on beta blockers....

angelgiga 04-25-2013 02:39 PM

Well we have our first active forum role play just launched!

Outpost Ragnarok. A Federation space station on the fringes of known space.

What will we discover? Is it safe out there in the great black beyond?

Who knows?

Join us and find out!

stoneloki 04-25-2013 10:31 PM

looking for tier 5 shipyards, a 500 man guild, and a dozen ranks with no way to ever get to the top?

Well you won't find that here. SSO is a new fleet that is about community first. We are fresh out of space dock and climbing the ladder of victory, but not the victory most people are.

Our victory is in our community, our friendships, our legacy.

This is not a community of elitists, we are not perfect, and would never expect our members to be.

We don't have a giant list of rules, we don't have a secret police force in the shadows watching our members, cause at the end of the day what can they really do to make things fun in a fleet?

What we do have is fun, fun members, a fun community, a fun time.

Whether its pizza and ale STO night, or just hanging out on mumble taking out klinks, we have fun, and thats the point in a fleet isn't it, fun.

Come check us out, we got a cool website designed by a artist that loves all things trek, and if thats as far as you get sign up anyway, cause we welcome any and all to our forums even if your not a member in game.



nimshae 04-26-2013 04:01 AM

What great day for doffing.....anyone else addicted as much to these little delicious bites as I am....

They are so adorable, couldn't you just put em in your pocket or something.

"An artist who loves everything Star Trek!", I don't know about that! I like it bunches, but I don't you know love it, and I do take direction well!

I am thinking our LCARS Gateway needs some work though....somethings don't feel right...

vx989 04-26-2013 11:33 AM

Well speaking as someone who has know Loki for a while I can say he's one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet...well despite the occasional Romulan Ale theft that is, he knows what I'm talking about :)

And Nimshae...saying she's awesome is an understatement of epic proportions, they're both great and fair people and excellent RP's so anybody who goes there I can honestly say you guys will have fun with them if you join.

Guys I wish you all the best with the new fleet.

stoneloki 04-26-2013 02:09 PM

What is SSO about?

Well its different for everyone, for me its about Community, others its about a drama free fleet, for others its the fact its casual.

Point is we don't tell you what we think you should get from it, you tell us, :D


vx989 04-27-2013 12:56 PM

You guys were near the bottom so back up you go with this here bump from me :D

Oh and thanks for the Ale mate, 2215...great year!

nimshae 04-28-2013 04:31 AM

Why it's Mr Awesome, how the heck are you doing!. Would you believe it's because of your fine fleet that I am thinking of redoing our artwork graphics.

UFP have done LCARS so well that I am thinking we need something very different. Mind you I do like to see the UFP site all the flashy lights are so cool....

Thank you for you fantastic comments and compliments, to be honest you are a great guy yourself and UFP is lucky to have you. Mr Awesome himself.

So far we are doing really well, as every anyone is welcome to join, and at the moment we are slowly but surely working towards our starbase and embassy...

As well as May the 12th which is the kick off of Valkyrie Reloaded RP event. I am working on Logo and Patch graphics as well as the concept art for the new gateway graphics.

However really all we do is Banter, drink alcohol, hang out and play....just waht you want from aband of friends and a great MMO.

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