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meter161 04-25-2013 05:38 PM

Short list of bugs
This is only a few that I have encountered that I remember.

1. During the tutorial there is a pipe in the field on the left side (facing from the approach to the platform) that glows but cannot be interacted with.

2. Cannot change/assign away team Boffs. Causes a critical error and crashes the game. This didn't occur on the first Romulan character I created but now it does.

3. Despite clicking the "Do not display pop-up dialogue box" radio button numerous times it still shows up. . . on any Romulan character. Typically when you log in or warp to sector space one shows up, some have the button others do not but it gets a little bothersome waiting for it to go away, just a pet peeve I guess.

I can't think of any more but will post again as I continue to play

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