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idobra 04-26-2013 02:32 AM

Some things I encountered
Hi there,

I have to say that I didn't find any real issues so far, my game seems to be stable. I did write down some things that I encountered while playing, thought Id share them here ;)

- The first cutscene is pretty fast, I could hardly finish reading the first sentence before it went to the next one.

- Im also having some tearing issues with the uniforms, some undershirts cut the outer layer of the uniform, displaying the skin.

- In the mission "Stepping in" are some typo's like fluxuations, gases and compisate.

- In spacecombat I selected the enemy and I heard the computer voice say "Flanking damage detected", I wasnt fighting yet so not sure what that is about.

- Its quite easy to fall into the singularity core on the engineering deck

- On the groundmap of Ajilon, it would be nice if you added the fog breathing effect used in Q's Winterwonderland.

- In "The Price of Neutrality" we're talking about a fake wall, then a fake door, then a hidden door. Maybe change the fake door to hidden door in mission objective?

- During the mission "Smash and Grab", there is no scanning sound on the prisoner transport.

- In the Tradecraft mission, the intelligence files about Virinat having Biological Weapons, it says "Virinate".

- Also, D'tan talks about collecting data about the Federation's political enviroment, while before it said Klingon and "{Enemy Faction}", my character has Starfleet allegiance.

- Quite some spelling mistakes in the dialog screen for "An Inside Job".

Thats what Ive found so far, as you can see, just some minor details.
I really like what you guys have created and I can not wait to see this on Holodeck!:D

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