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Archived Post 01-15-2010 03:06 PM

Losing lock in space fights
Happened to me and to my friend on seperate occasions.

During battle, when an enemy ship that you are fighting gets very close and orbits you, you randomly lose target lock on the enemy.

This is usually dire.

Archived Post 01-15-2010 04:10 PM

Quite dire, I suspect it is my first officer, P'tak, trying to win a bet. At least I can find the tab key a lot quicker as double clicking to retarget sometimes just doesn't get the job done.

Archived Post 01-15-2010 04:35 PM

did you change your enegry distribution settings when you lost the lock?

Archived Post 01-15-2010 07:43 PM

I rarely change my energy settings in combat unless I am getting hosed.

Archived Post 01-15-2010 07:49 PM

I've have this same problem sometimes and it persists long after banned hashish on my bridge...

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