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Archived Post 01-15-2010 07:38 PM

Reporting Fast Bugs
I'm writing this here to report some bugs that I encountered that were either too fast to report or else didn't quite have a category. At least four times during my gameplay, I pressed the green bug icon yet it takes a bit of time to open and find the right catergory and some bugs were too fast for me to send.
-The biggest problem I've been having is whenever I beam up to my ship, my character will be standing in space and when I beam down to a surface, my ship will be in the place of my character (with nacelles missing). At first I thought this was a lag but I found that I can still move around (walk in space or glide on the surface) and this is only corrected when an NPC opens a dialog box.
-"Server Not Responding" message would occassionally show up despite the fact that the server was working perfectly even when it did.
-In character creation, the Visor 03 had the eye piece just floating in front of the character's eye with no connection to the headset. Since it appears like that in-game, this could be meant to be just a projection but it seemed more like a part was missing.
-Game logged off after character creation, while loading main part of the game. It wasn't a crash or anything, it just logged off for no reason.
-On the USS Khitomer's Med Bay, on certain impact shakes all NPCs would rise straight into the air before reappearing on the ground.
-On Sol System's starbase, walls would occasionally disappear.
-Every so often, my character will go through a solid object, be it a crate, barrel or even an asteroid. Now I'm not sure if this is a bug or only the game physics are off, but I'm still reporting it just in case.
I believe this is all the bugs I have found thus far. However, I'd like to know if there is a faster way to send the report from the game, or if in doubt I can just select "other" and hope it is fast enough.

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